Good Christian Music | – Montell Fish – More Of You / You Give Life To Me (Feat. Jonathan Ogden)

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✞ Lyrics:
I’m just dropping
So people know I ain’t stopping
Boy bedroom Gospel is awesome
But only coz it’s the gospel
Of truth
I’m speaking honest
Coz honestly dudes is popular
But if you look thru binoculars
U can see that they lack in the fruit

They lacking the truth
With a back slap to actual truth
Coz God saves if u don’t know it didn’t happen to u
I’m actually proof
God has done it
It could happen to u
Just believe
And really get on knees
And Plead unto the God
Who made the earth and trees
Coz I was smoking trees
That’s where he found me
I mean it’s like a dream
His love is like a dream
A wave right in the sea
I’m falling in love Jesus
People say it’s hard
But really it’s so easy
I mean it believe me

I’m falling in love with Jesus

More of You (3x)

And I really don’t wanna people hollering screaming my name
Murder the flesh crying saying gimme the fame
Coz I don’t want it if I can’t maintain my peace with God
Coz really what does it cost if
I am losing my God

And it really it sounds odd
Buts it to the truth man
So many Believers lost sight
Of what’s important
And I ain’t tryna be another one of them
So I drown in His love I don’t wanna learn to swim no time soon

Like a typhoon
Chilling in my room
On my guitars
Listen on iTunes

I move wherever we He goes
Addicted unto His spirit
So everybody can hear it
Ya know

You Give Life To Me:

You give life to me (x8)

Oh Lord will you open up my heart
Your the greatest light as I’m standing in the dark
I’m so lost God I’m feeling so lost
But your words are life to my heart (x2)

You give life to me (x8)

Verse: Oh Lord will you open up my heart
Your the greatest light as I’m standing in the dark
I’m so lost God I’m feeling so lost
But your words are life to my heart (x2)

Jonathan Ogden:
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Nobody else
Compares to you
And you give me life
Like no one else
Could ever do

Coz you delight in me (x4)

Oh Lord will you open up my heart
Your the greatest light as I’m standing in the dark
I’m so lost God I’m feeling so lost
But your words are life to my heart (x2)


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  1. Hard at work on his forthcoming EP 'Bedroom Gospel' (Releasing 4th April here on the channel), Montell Fish has found some time to craft these two new exclusive tracks, including the first of two collaborations with Rivers & Robots lead singer, Jonathan Ogden. Collectively titled 'Before The Project Drops' this duo of songs serve as a surprise gift to his fans as they eagerly await the smooth, soulful vibes that Bedroom Gospel is sure to bring.

  2. You're a true light bro . Keep shinning Fam . You represent christ so well , proof that the holy spirit can move through us when we allow him . " drowning in his love , I don't want to learn how to swim anytime soon " Glory to the king

  3. In addition I found The Ember Days, Soul Hyms album , The Relatives , Citizens, Benjamin James, Lovelite, Josh Garrels, Loud Harp, Taylor Armstrong, Rivers & Robots and Kings Kaleidoscope. There are many beyond the machine. This makes me happy getting off of world music. A range.

  4. 'they lack the truth'…. love your music bro, just found your videos like 15 mins ago nd I'm wondering where has this real content been at coz all the rappers have the platform to spread the realest truths to the magnitudes but they don't…I guess maybe the gospel aint unveiled yet to them. love your content bro, its real, raw nd uncut, I nd a lot of youth relate deeply to it…stay real nd blessed, salute.

  5. Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm asking for you guys to help me lift up Akailia Green in prayers. She is a 18 year old that is battling lupus.

    If you feel lead to you can donate to help out with her surgeries and her story is on the website through the link if you want to check it out. If you don't have it to give, remember prayer is more powerful above all else.

    If you don't feel sure about it, you can always check out her Facebook page.

    Let the lord lead you

    God bless you guys.. ❤

  6. Matthew 18:6
    If anyone causes one of the youth to stumble
    They are accountable
    And it would be better if they drowned to death
    If you as a parent have caused your child to stumble in any way
    That includes provoking them to anger
    Allowing people into the house that should not be
    Living unrighteously yourself and being a bad example
    Putting things before that could Arouse Lust Rebellion or Laziness
    You all are accountable and will be Judged before God for Stunting their Growth.
    Turn away from those things
    Clean your homes spiritually and stop Sending you Kids away to be indoctrinated by school systems.
    You should not expect anything from a Child you Have not Been a Prime Example of the Gospel to.