Good Christian Music | – WYLD – Take Over (Feat. Jake James & Shopé)

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✞ Lyrics:
(Jakes James)
And I… I find myself in You
The closer that we move
So I’ll let You do what You do
And come take over, come take over

(Jake James)
Take over
Less of me and more of You
That’s what I long for
I feel close to You but I wanna be closer
Cross on my shoulder
Your burdens light mines heavy though
Can You please hold it
I’m a child of God
I give it all to You I’m sick of being who I’m not
You got my life and You’re molding it
Now that I know I can’t hold it in, ay ay
Found in Your name and Imma boast in it
There’s gold in it
That’s why I put my hope in it
My hope in You
Lord I’m really hoping You
Can show me who I am
I am a child of the I AM
Since I know where I’ve come from
I’m found perfect in Your love

(Jakes James)
And I… I find myself in You
The closer that we move
So I’ll let You do what You do
And come take over, come take over

(Jakes James)
I was made out of clay
Imago Dei, You know my name, yeah
A piece of art in Your gallery
You shaped my mind and personality
And all this love that’s coming out of me is because
I was created by the One who himself is love
I fade away me and my Father becoming one
Just like we’re meant to be…

Oh my my, recite that line
My mind alive, so I see those signs
(I) ain’t branching outta line, sticking close to the Vine
The finest of wines, You make me in a matter of time
When I try to do it, I get outta control
But every single time You just keep letting me know
What a waste of time to go down that road
You bought that load
To make me oh so comfortable
These streets got no love for you
Go tell ‘em got an altered face
Go tell ‘em that I’m lost in grace
Go tell ‘em, go tell ‘em, go tell ‘em that I popped the grave
Go tell ‘em that I’m on my way
The bottom line is
I’m becoming like His
So you ever see my face, then you know what life is

(Jakes James)
And I… I find myself in You
The closer that we move
So I’ll let You do what You do
And come take over, come take over

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Amen Worldwide Amen Worldwide. We've been redefining the scene since 2012, as the original home of good Christian music - showcasing great music of all genres written by followers of Christ. We spend our time working with artists to help them grow in creativity, as well as spending vast amounts of time searching for the very best in Christian music from signed, independent, and completely unheard of musicians. We love to pioneer new, creative artists to help build their fanbase and see their ministry become a career. We do this through close relationships, and more intentionally through our own co-operative record label The Amen Collective through which we empower artists to reach greater audiences whilst maintaining ownership over their work. Through our Sinai Sessions, we create a community between artists and create exciting new live content of your favorite musicians performing original songs and covers.

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  1. After heavily teasing new music on his socials, WYLD is back with a brand new single featuring vocals from Jake James and Shopé, as always it bridges the gap between WYLD's experimental EDM influences with fun, upbeat pop. Released on our label The Amen Collective, this song truly captures the shared vision of all those on the record label – to create with excellence in a way that pushes the scene forward and to unashamedly proclaim the truth of the gospel. Written during a rough time 'Take Over' reminds WYLD and now others of who we are in God and that we can let God take control of our situations and trust Him. Download/streaming links and lyrics in description.