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Awake My Soul
Words and Music by Brooke Ligertwood
© 2019 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia 
CCLI: 7134998

There is a sound I love to hear
It’s the sound of the Saviour’s robe
As He walks into the room where people pray
Where we hear praises He hears faith

There is a sound I love to hear
It’s the sound of the Saviour’s robe
As He walks into the room where people pray
Where we hear worship He hears faith

Awake my soul and sing
Sing His praise aloud
Sing His praise aloud

There is a sound that changes things
The sound of His people on their knees
Oh wake up you slumbering
It’s time to worship Him

And when He moves
And when we pray
Where stood a wall now stands a way
Where every promise is amen

And when He moves
Make no mistake
The bowels of hell begin to shake
All hail the Lord all hail the King

Hey oh
Oh let the King of glory enter in
Hey oh
Fall down on your knees and worship Him
Hey oh
Let His praise rise up don’t hold it in

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About The Author

Hillsong Worship Hillsong Worship. Click subscribe to get the latest videos & songs from Hillsong Worship! Hillsong Worship is the congregational expression of worship from Hillsong Church - a local church with global influence. This local church worship team has a commitment to continually resource the Body of Christ with fresh songs of worship and a deep passion to see people connect with the Living God in a real and personal way. Their music captures the heart and sound of Hillsong Church globally and represents the coming together of the Hillsong worship team from around the world; including Brooke Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Ben Fielding, Hillsong UNITED, and international teams from London, Stockholm, and Cape Town. Looking to the future, Hillsong Worship remains committed to inspiring and empowering the authentic worship of Jesus and resourcing the Body of Christ, everywhere.

Comment (35)

  1. Can you all brothers and sister pray for me and my family because my family and Has going through a lot and also can you all pray for my mother,father, and my siblings to have a long and healthy life because I can’t really imagine to be happy without them

  2. Good morning? I am Pastor Lee who has been called as a prophetic apostle in Korea. I leave a comment because I want to pray for the weak members. This is KakaoTalk ID "partner1025". I pray that God's peace will be with you.

  3. Praise Heavenly Father God for all the gifts, Miracles, blessings, favors, love, protections, healings, hope, dreams, faith, trust, answers, new body, health, wealth, marriage, weddings, baptism, knowledge, wisdom, children, pets, homes, properties, lands, resources, glory, kingdom, freedom, romance, passion, way, journeys and abundence!

  4. Brothers n sisters in Christ,may I beg you please,when you lead someone to Jesus and they are filled with the Holy Spirit and have the gift of tongues, please tell them they can pray outside of church, I was 14 at the time,I allowed sexual sin n my life, and lost that gift n peace I had,how I wish someone would've told me ,cause all rebelling did was out me on the wrong path n life

  5. Came on here to Hillsong and my comment is so misplaced in the context of this video….but I'm lamenting the dismissal of Pastor Carl Lentz …… See what happen to forgiveness what happen to support what happen to demoting someone…..while Jesus leaves the multitude of sheep to go looking for one….we threw Pastor Carl Lentz away ..why does the Christian church do this…..keep Our fallen brother around give him another job in the church help him heal his family , his life ….he gave so much to us why are we not there for him….again because it's all for the LOOK what will people think…..well I thought we were not suppose to care and only care about our journey with Christ …… I see christians trying to bring others to the lord because scripture teaches it the church encourages it…but we threw our brother away…smh….not very christian

  6. Please Pray for God to meet and save me and my family.
    Pray for peace with the Lord and harmony in Him.
    Pray that evil spirits do not disturb our family.

    I'm korean.
    I believe in the Lord who listens to our prayers.

    And they said,
    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
    and thou shalt be saved,
    and thy house.
    Acts 16:31