Jentezen Franklin | – George's Story | FAST 2019

When things don’t go as hoped for, as planned – we have to remember that God’s plan is bigger than anything we could ever imagine.

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  1. How awesome! God never fails, even when He doesn't allow your plan to work out. He's got better plans, plans to prosper us andlead us to an expected end. Didn't He say if you search for Him with all your heart you will find Him? Seek Him y'all. He's faithful, very faithful.

  2. Amen praise God I serve my Lord but never fast before. I need to fast because Iam go thru hard battles struggles that sometimes I just want to give up. But I don't cause I know God is fighting my battles but I think he wants me to star fasting. Thank you for sharing your story Godbless you

  3. Through a dream and a three day fast I was saved. Two days later I turned 22 and I got a job and the journey has had it struggles but Jesus being on my side it has been great. I wouldn't want it any other way but my Father's way. Jesus is the way. Praise Jesus Christ.

  4. Thank you Jesus! Grateful for your testimony! I moved to LA four months ago! I have been looking for a home church! I went to FreeChapel once at the end of October and was amazed by their welcoming spirit even though it was Sunday night service. God Prompt me to fast, I haven’t done it before even a full day. And now, I have been fasting since November, every Monday only water and herbal tea. I joined 21 day Fast and when I could I would participate trough live stream of prayer requests. At the very end of the fasting, I opened the utube and the video popped with a guy I never heard before, it was Jentezen Franklin, I was driving long hours in LA traffic. The video was about Fasting, 21 day Daniels Fasting. I was in tears from the presence of God. One hand was in the air and my second hand was on the wheel! How much I needed that confirmation and a knowledge about what’s behind the fast! And now, with this testimony, I don’t mind to drive to OC from North Hollywood to attend this church and make my home!

  5. "Deep wounds, Deep healing!!!" Only God has that power, hence I constantly listen to this video when Im down,coz truth be told, as human we are bound to fall!!! we will fall at some point in our lives, to an extant that we dont even find the necessity of being alive . But this video!!! "Deep wounds, deep healing" need I say more… I will let the preacher preach @Pps.JentezenFranklin. Thank you for sharing your story George.

  6. 2020 – But this Testimony is as Fresh Today – it is an AMAZING Testimony – it will NEVER loose it's power to touch hearts and lives – it will be timely – Don't Give in – But Look up to the great Healer, Deliver and Restorer and More – to God/Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ – Amen!

  7. I’ve been having this deep continues desire for Jesus , and I know I’m missing one thing that I need to do and that is to fast.. I keep postponing it and delaying. And this is just a confirmation from God that I need to start .

    Thank you. GOD IS WONDERFUL

  8. This is so inspiring & powerful! I am looking to start a 5 day fast in the next 2 days & so I decided to look up videos on fasting, & that's how I got here. I feel so fired up for my fast after watching this. I'll keep you posted as the Lord answers my prayers.