Julian Lowe | – DeVon Franklin (02.12.2017)

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  1. Thank you, Devon! There is a lot I want to say about this particular sermon… it is totally relevant to my life at this moment. But I will leave you with this: Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Devon Franklin is not a preacher he is a motivational speaker he does preach the Gospel of Christ. All he talk about is what God can do for you not what we should be doing for God. His message is actually a weak past time prosperity message.All you weak unlearned and ignorant Christians need to fall prostate before the Lord and pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you all truth.

  3. we all can do all things through Christ who strengthen us.Thanks DeVon. for answering the call of God. I go to bed listening to message all night.I wake up playing Christian music. im excited. I have signed up for school, started my home Decor business, took part in a play and im now getting ready to do other things through Christ Jesus, all because i step out on faith,and said yes Lord.and im working out at the gym. plus im changing my ways. Love u all God bless you always.Thanks again DeVon.

  4. Thanks Devon, I receive this hard word I'm sitting in the Hilton Hotel Lobby and I'm on my way home and i won't rest I 'll start back working on my HOME DECOR BUSINESS. GOD GAVE Me the gift to sew . and to encourage others and many other gifts. Blessings to u all. Strive for Excellents.

  5. Didn't Katt Williams tell us to be thankful for hater at least 11 years ago!? Amazing how I feel like I am watching a bad comic view episode. I'm motivated to change stations. Looks like it hurts when he speaks