Luis Palau | – Why go to church?

Just as we seek an outside, knowledgeable opinion on matters of health and upkeep, we need to meet regularly with other believers to maintain and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:24-25 says that we should not neglect to meet together in order to encourage one another and “spur one another on towards love and good deeds.” In this video, Evangelist Luis Palau explains that going to church is not a suggestion but a command from God for His followers.

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  1. Yes, all Christians ought to follow the Scriptures but they don't. Not even most leaders follow the Scriptures. For example, where is institutional religion in the Bible? Where are leaders with religious titles in the Bible? Where is religious hierarchy? Where is a primary elder such as a pastor or priest in the Bible? Where are Christians allowed to name "their group" in the Bible? Where are tithes commanded for Christians? Where is church franchising in the Bible? Where are elders chosen from applicants all over the world verses the local congregation? Why do the leaders make decisions for the people? Why are the leaders rarely accountable? Why do most leaders take salaries when Jesus COMMANDS that we freely give as we have freely received? What are professional ministers? Huh? God has to love that one. Why are the roles of men and women so confused? Why are special buildings erected with special areas such as "sanctuaries?" Are we returning to the Old Testament now?
    If this wasn't so serious I'd be laughing nonstop. Institutional churches are the #1 place false doctrine and practice is being introduced among God's people. The above is just a start. What of 12 step programs, catholic mysticism, emergent philosophies, mega church trends, psychology, purpose driven ideologies, word faith doctrines, church marketing, prosperity gospel, ecumenism, divination, false prophesies, replacement theology, new revelation and even the acceptance of Yoga these days.
    The church- man's institutional church is a very dangerous place to be. Far better to stay home and commune with the real Jesus than to risk being deceived by one or all of the above.
    I like you Louis, but even you in the video simultaneously described the church as both a spiritual body and a place you can go. God calls that hypocrisy- it cannot and is not both. The church is a creation of men, God is building His spiritual assembly of living stones- literally "ekklesia" that does not need man's church or anything that derives from it. Most of today's self professed leaders are hirelings and it couldn't be more obvious for those with eyes to see.
    May God be glorified OUTSIDE and away from everything man's imaginations have invented.