N.T.Wright | – WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN? – Biblical Study with Professor N. T. Wright

Develop a broader understanding of what it means to be a King Jesus follower in a countercultural way with N. T. Wright.

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Continue to learn with N. T. Wright, take Pauls Letter to the Colossians course.


In this course Professor N.T. Wright guides you through this small but powerful letter, providing insights into its translation as well as the 1st Century Greco-Roman world in which the Apostle lived and wrote.

You’ll walk away from this course on the Book of Colossians with the ability to apply Paul’s timeless wisdom to your own life, allowing you to experience what it means to live in the glorious light of Christ.

Who should take this course?
• Students who are eager to understand one of the most powerful, yet relatively small, letters of the Apostle [support us] /> • Students who desire to understand the nature of who Jesus Christ is as described by the Apostle Paul

What’s included?
• Online lecture by N.T. Wright
• Interactive quizzes
• Discussions with others on the same path
• Communication with Prof. Seemuth
• Textbook readings
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Comment (2)

  1. "God is love" and "God is life" and "God is one". Jesus revealed Gods self-sacrificial love and his giving of himself for the good of others. Life exists only within Gods character of self-sacrificial love, within the circle of love, outside of the circle there is no life. God designed everything to exist on the basis of his character of love. The water cycle takes and gives of itself for the good of all but if the cycle is broken a pool becomes stagnant and death ensues. The blood system takes and gives of itself for the good of the body, sever blood circulation and death ensures. All nature reveals life exists only within compliance and adherence to self sacrificial love, taking and giving for the good of all, the universe circles, atoms circle, and God’s throne is wheels within wheels. Break the circle of love and we die. Gods character is an eternal "law of love", which is as necessary to life as the law of gravity. Selfishness breaks the circle of love hence the new birth is essential because it restores Gods love in heart and mind, therefore regaining life and oneness with God.

  2. Tom Wright says that to understand the cross you need to look at the whole Bible. I say that to understand the Bible you need to look at the cross – that the cross is the key to understanding the Bible and not the other way around. And starting with the cross means bowing at the cross. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The place where we begin is at the cross – we die with Jesus at the cross. Penal substitution therefore rests on no other idea – nothing except the power and grace of God to be understood. Whereas other concepts rest on it to be understood. I think that for Tom Wright’s gifts to be a blessing that this is key – that his ideas must begin and flow from the cross – and therefore come from Holy Spirit insight, not from intellect. A sign this has happened is they will be more accessible. Not because truth can’t be sophisticated and take great skill to describe accurately but because people can receive it when what they suspect it means is what it means. When it externalises what God has already shown them to be true in their experience.

    1 Corinthians 2:2
    For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.