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  1. What did he actually preach?. I never heard the words – – repent, we are all sinners, we are all dead in sin and don't seek God, Jesus Christ paid for our sins, being our substitute. That it pleased God to pour out His wrath apon Jesus for all mankind.

    All I heard was testimonials and lots of fable stories. These are not the Gospel message.

    The more I watch Reinhard, the less I see of any biblical preaching, like he compromised on giving biblical truth but rather chose to talk fables. It's always what Jesus did at these places but never evidence. Like a cloud without water.

    These countries he supposedly preached in are all still wicked and corrupt.

    Can someone please show me a video where he says we are all sinners, repentance preached, hell fire for our sins, eternal destruction of our souls. Where he speaks of homosexuality, drunkenness, idolatry, fornication, slanderers, effiminate and other sins will not inherent eternal life.

    He never says anything of the Catholics, Muslims and other false religions, that they are all abominations before God, wicked deceptions crafted by Satan to lead people away from God.

    Please send me a link where Reinhard preachers soul convicting truths. Where people are cut to the heart and see how vile their sins are before God.