Robert Morris | – I've Just Seen Jesus – Sandi Patty / Larnelle Harris

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  1. OOOOOOH MYYYYY GOOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have loooooved this sone for ever! This duo inspired me for so many years as a younger artist. And hearing them now after all these years!!!!! This still sound AMAAAAAAZING!!! Seeing them & how God has kept them and their voices, now I'M saying, "I've Just Seen Jesus!!" Thank you Lord!!!!!!

  2. The real story is singing about the LOVE Jesus has for us – And that My Savior Jesus Christ is alive and he does not hold anything against us even though he was killed because of my sin!! This is great because Jesus gave these two the voice to praise him, and we need to remember that the talent they have ALL CAME FROM GOD!!

  3. Crying just like the 1st time I heard it in my Jeep. You see Jesus when you hear these 2 people sing it. I had to pray and thank Jesus as they sing it. What a gift to move you over and over like the holly spirit.