Sermon jams | – Paul Washer – the holiness of Christ sermon jam. New 2018

Paul Washer – the holiness of Christ sermon jam. New 2018.

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  1. There is this true story in the 1800s of a tribal who was formerly a head hunter but converted to Christianity together with his two sons and wife when he heard the gospel preached by a missionary who came from the Wales to North East India, who let his whole family be killed in front of his eyes before his own life was taken when he did not denounce the Lord Christ before the village chief in the public. And it is in fact the story behind the popular hymn "I have decided to follow Jesus". Am I then wrong to think that at least this man for more than a fraction of a second loved God with all his heart ,mind, soul and strength to the point of laying down not just his own life but his entire family for Christ his Saviour? That kind of love which is by the power and the Spirit of Christ alone can exist in a regenerated heart.