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You’ve been accepted by God. Don’t reject yourself.

This is an excerpt from “Built Different.” To watch the full message, click here: [support us]

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  1. My favorite one. I wish this could be my lock screensaver. The biggest thing keeping me down is I feel rejected. This is the truth that I have to fight to apply. Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick. So much love and prayers to you, your family, and ministry

  2. What makes me special? What am I destined to do Lord? God, I trust you, im anxious. I'm uneasy. But im restful and trust you at the same time. Father God, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Forgive us our debts as we have forgiven our debtors. Lord, fill each and every one of us with the holy spirit and give us a mind like christ. Father, give us a spirit of power, discernment, love, turn every heart to you. Let peace be on earth. Amen.

  3. Can anyone here answer a question I have?
    I'm wondering why the american churches treat sunday as the saboth and holy day when it's really saturday.?
    Seems like such a strange thing to be getting wrong when anyone can Google it and find the truth. Does anybody truly care about things of god? And want to do them the right way? Or is it just me? Sad!

  4. For your loved ones that have yet to receive the truth about the eternal life, share on your social media the video ⏺ How ridiculously easy it is to be saved ⏺ by David Benjamin in Christ.

  5. You're not rejected, never!!!!!
    God's unable to hear everytyhing toghether
    Me is so bad, I'm not good in what I'm suppossed to be good
    I don't reject God's advices
    I'm just sorry about me, and I'm worried about my little, tiny undestanding
    You know!!!

  6. Dear Pastor Furtick, since my name is Petar Kandic and my last name sounds like Candy I think of making cake with the print of the Pope on it. I have never been much of a baker but every time I sign my name I think about that. I think it's a little weird and a little funny aswell, who knows, if I make one the Pope might show up to eat it. I don't know what to think about this