T. D. Jakes | – Protecting and Defending Your Partner in Marriage – The Jakes Family (from Model Homes III)

You and your significant other will encounter many phases in life, but through it all, partners must learn to protect, defend, and translate for each other. ⠀

Such assurance provides tangible reinforcement to the union.⠀

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Message: Model Homes III: The Quarantine Edition
Speaker: Bishop T.D. and Serita Jakes, Pastor Touré and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, Elder Brandon and Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman, Dexter and Larissa Jakes
Date: May 6, 2020

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About The Author

T.D. Jakes Bishop TD Jakes is an influential and visionary spiritual leader. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a multicultural, non-denominational church and humanitarian organization based in Dallas, TX, as well as a New York Times best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, and host of the TD Jakes Show. Recognized as “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine and “America’s Treasure” by Oprah Winfrey, Bishop TD Jakes has reached millions of people around the world through his 40-plus years of ministry.

Comment (43)

  1. What if your husband is not family oriented him and his family was never close so he really don’t wanna be around the kids, grandkids or extended family when I want to be around them and see them as much and it’s causing heated arguments, frustrations. I defend the fact that I feel I should see my kids and grand kids when I want and he shouldn’t have a problem I don’t know what to do or how to fix this situation HELP?

  2. Throughout my life, the folks who have defended and translated for me most effectively and consistently…have not been who Id most expect it from. And I can attest that is a powerful thing. Im loyal to some if those folks for life no matter the ccurrent relationship status.

  3. When you share the same quality with each other as couples.And also good communication with each other and teeth and Tongue will meet. And a family that prayers together stay's together,Love is care,Sharing and understanding.

  4. Pastor TD Jake's I would like prayer for a couple I know that marriage is in trouble one of them has filed for a divorce and I feel that person should give the other a chance. Marriage is something that should be worked on I can't give any names for the sake of privacy . Please pray for them that God change the mind of the person wanting the divorce and that they work things out together amoung each other. Thank you.

  5. This a good discussion but we need to do God's will for marriages. Divorce is one of the most divisive practices today and remarriage is another and both are against God's will. Remarriage brings on a whole host of problems especially for the children when they are forced to endure the pains of having a step parent because many times they are emotionally and physically/sexually abused. The young lady says that sometimes she have to be the go between when it comes to communication for her husband with the children. A BIG problem already! It is unnatural for children to be under the thumb of someone who is not their parent.

  6. this family have million so anyone going in don't have to worry so please check your self before you think you can live life like this family they all live in a million dollar house and don't have to worry about money but God is going to make a change to all this soon this family is the million dollar family take there money from poor black with low self of steem stop doing it bad pastor

  7. In modern day marriage and relationships. We have to undastd. Our spouses are a PRIORITY not a OPTION. They come FIRST. HOME BOYZ, GIRLFRIENDS, PARENTS, even our KIDS. Especially the GROWN ones shouldn't come before ur spouse. Not saying that you shouldn't love these people. But Happy spouse means Happy life. That's HUSBAND or WIFE!!!!!

  8. I was reading a story about Sarah Jakes Robert the daughter of popular motivational speaker and seed collector Td Jakes,of how she got married to her second husband Toure Robert. She divorced her first husband which she said was Biblically acceptable and "God led her to marry her current husband".

    Many Christians are like Sarah Jakes, living in adultery because of ignorance and arrogance towards the Holy Scriptures. The Bible says that let no man put asunder what God has joined together. Jesus Christ said that divorce was only allowed when a spouse committed fornication (that is when the spouse were in courtship they were allowed to go their separate ways if one of them committed fornication, remember Joseph wanted to put away Mary secretly when he found out that she was pregnant?) But as for adultery, divorce and remarriage is not acceptable.

    If you get married to a woman when her first husband still lives that's adultery, if you marry a man whose wife is still alive that's adultery, it doesn't matter whether they gave you a certificate of divorce in court. If you are living with your second or third wife or husband then God calls that adultery, your first wife is recognized as your only spouse in heaven.

    Therefore I wonder which god, Sarah Jakes and Toure Robert heard when they say it was the will of God for them to get married. Both of them and they which are like them living in an adulterous relationship in the name of God told me need to repent because the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God and that includes the adulterers and adultreses. Let him who has an ear listen, divorce and remarriage when your spouse still lives is the agenda of the ancient serpent, the devil not from Jesus Christ.

    Repent or perish!

  9. Sunday, May 10th, 2020.

    Happy Mother's day ladies….

    Bishop you know I appreciate this video…

    It reminds me of two periods in the bible, mixed up in today's habbakuk write it down and make it plain….

    If you can recall
    1. When Jacob said to his brother the children are young or tender if he pushes them too hard…

    How well CAN..
    My keyboard is Acting out….

    2. Joshua's day… as far as me n my house….

    the church is pl

  10. Malachi 2:16 
    "For I hate divorce," says the LORD…. 

    Matthew 5:31-32
    “Furthermore it has been said, ‘Whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.’ But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery.”

    Matthew 19:3-9
    The Pharisees also came to Him, testing Him, and saying to Him, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?;” And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning (Gen. 1:27) ‘made them male and female,’ and said, (Gen.2:24) ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” They said to Him, “Why then did Moses command to give a certificate of divorce, and to put her away?” He said to them, “Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.”

    Mark 10:11-12
    So He said to them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.” 

    Luke 16:18
    “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery.”

    Romans 7:1-3
    Or do you not know, brethren (for I speak to those who know the law), that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives? For the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. But if the husband dies, she is released from the law of her husband. So then if, while her husband lives, she marries another man, she will be called an adulteress; but if her husband dies, she is free from that law, so that she is no adulteress, though she has married another man.

  11. This is so awesome!! My husband and I are nurturing a blended family. I had two children before we were married; and they are now adults and their father didn’t want to be a part of their lives, until he realized that my husband was doing an amazing job raising our children. We always made sure to never allow the issues with their biological father dictate our household. We didn’t insult their father or the choices he made. Translating your spouse and children in a blended family is so important and I was so excited to hear someone talking about this thank you Pastor Sarah!

  12. The translator point was profound..i hadn't thought about it that way..but it's so true..i can even see how we can serve as translator of our spouse to our families and vice versa..that will help so many in law relationships..

  13. I just don't get the relevancy of this video…did I miss something? Okay, next! Where is my stimulus package? These Pastors got all the money locked up in the "store house" and won't even give their tithe paying members a $1200.00 stimulus check!

  14. Sarah please stop bleaching. People everywhere are comparing your old pics to today. Its obvious you have not accepted your natural color as your other family members have. That fake and phony and not sincere