T. D. Jakes | – The Backside of Better – Bishop T.D. Jakes [January 19, 2020]

I challenge you to ponder the concept of better. Our willingness to plant seeds of better yields a harvest of kindness, genuine rapport, financial responsibility, wellness, and respect, among other blessings and attributes. God will establish us through our obedience and sacrifice by sending the rain. The rain is sure to come and it will not be delayed! Therefore, we can no longer be one-dimensional. We have to become ambidextrous: sowing and harvesting at the same time! God will grant us safety, aiding as we traverse this new territory of better. Our challenge will be our preparedness. Take note: Prepare and walk in confidence as better is coming your way!

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Message: The Backside of Better
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Scripture: Leviticus 26:2-11 NIV

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About The Author

T.D. Jakes Bishop TD Jakes is an influential and visionary spiritual leader. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, a multicultural, non-denominational church and humanitarian organization based in Dallas, TX, as well as a New York Times best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, and host of the TD Jakes Show. Recognized as “America’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine and “America’s Treasure” by Oprah Winfrey, Bishop TD Jakes has reached millions of people around the world through his 40-plus years of ministry.

Comment (37)

  1. Jesus ,
    I love you , Brother , Jesus says and writes on the Paper . Father God's only Begotten Son . Jesus Christ . I thank you for. Our savior , again Jesus speaks and says , Yes Son .
    I want to be " able " to say that in my life I showed You and The Creator of Creation , the best offering I could. Because you live in my life , inside me as Close to perfect as Humanly possible . In order that your creation , will be Transformed , a New CREATIOn , then only the Evil one. Put in the firey doomed Forever so You Father God , Jesus can relax and then only be ABLE, to praise you all day in Heaven with no worry.

    Well I say , in heaven you will have a choice , to do right and wrong ? Or choices with an out come ? I say this cause the way or order we do things . Leading to the same outcome . A perfect one for all of eternity .

    Biscuit Loves Brooke Forever and always

    Winter Harvest? 2021 . Only why hoping that it was in winter and hoping it wasn't cause I'm acending into the heavens and it takes a longer route to get home the anticipation of getting to see the creator. In person.

    Mark 13:18
    New Living Translation
    18 And pray that your flight will not be in winter.

    Where's waldo ? Yes soon ! Again I pray for them Jesus

  2. For the jakes have entered into illegal territory taking what was given to them and using it to fund an alternate doctrine with those who make new age and ancestral spirits their dogma. Spiritual harlotry says the Lord! … Amanda Grace . The Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one. Blog Archive 2021 (7)

  3. The history of Blacks in America. I myself never was one who became attracted to those who were financially successful. I always followed the way I was raised up on, which was a person character is what I was told to respect. Anybody can make money, but it takes a special person to stand up and stay convicted to their beliefs, who refuse to sell it. Is why I learn to love the brother King because he could have had anything, but his conviction would not allow him to do the things others did. He could have gone into politics, but his conviction did not allow him to do it. He could have used the people and built a congregation of everything surrounded around him, but his conviction did not allow him to do it. I respect those who did the things in the invention department, but I respect King because he stayed on one thing he knew was more important than all the rest. Is why I know the things were given to his name he deserved. Who had a group of confused people with different agendas around him moving forward in different directions he knew, was different from what Malcolm had, another good brother I respect because of his character, who will not go against it. Who had a serious group of people behind him, which I respect the things they had done to bring about a change for their organization, and religion. In other words, I am based on characters not wealth. Both of those brothers had nothing for their family but their character to get wealthy on, they know it can carry them far for the rest of their life. I have nothing but great respect for them. Two good brothers who were not faking.

  4. I want to say that I'm thankful to Later day Saints Church ⛪ Of Jesus Christ and for the Bishop and all conceal. I pray for the families and the ones that attend
    I live Joseph David Sapien Orange Ave Chula Vista Ca 91911 619-603-2301

  5. My soul has never been disappointed by the HOLY GHOST direction through my
    annointed leader. I was asleep & the HOLY SPIRIT WOKE
    ALWAYS . PLEASE PRAY for my daughter
    & partner Asia. Our testimony is amazing
    Bishop has paid a major part in it over the years. She is 24
    I am 78.

  6. Thank you Almighty Jehovah for this message. God bless you Bishop for delivering this Word. God always gives a Word, a warning. This message was preparing us for everything we experienced in 2020 and the pandemic. The rain is coming. Better is coming. Plant your seeds. Be ready. Be the wise virgins. Matthew 25. Bishop Jakes was in The Spirit delivering this message from God. WOW. Yes Bishop something sure broke in my life listening to this powerful message. WOW. Will listen to it every week. Leviticus 26.

  7. this song is incredible, a great uniter, at every point in your life you just have to find the time to praise God, as they just prove and continuously. i was battling cancer for a while, i lost my business and i had my daughter to taker of, but unfortunately she went into the foster system but i never gave up hope of us being together, and i never lost sight of God! and in the middle of the pandemic and the lockdown,,all i had was time for God and to better myself, and God heard my prayers and the cancer went into remission, and i got !ncontact with a woman i met on this channel named Lyra Holt dean a blockchain financial expert in b!tcoin, ([email protected] lyraholtdean , ccm ) and with her help i own two auto mobiles shops now, and better still my daughter is back, and i cant stop thanking God!!!!

  8. Thank Almighty God for sending his loving word of hope that brings faith that must deliver results and God blessings with his fruits. If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. change starts now it never to late with God. The parable of the penny. Amen. I beg God to let his word take flight NOW!