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“I Need You” Written by Brian Holden and Lenny LeBlanc

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The Rock Family Worship Center The Rock Family offers non-denominational worship services in Huntsville, AL. Founded in 1999, our church includes a variety of ministries, ranging from worship and youth programs to senior and recovery services. We broadcast each of our sermons live, with past services archived on our website. Our community outreach includes a food distribution center, feeding roughly 1,000 people each week, with smaller distribution centers located at each of our other 4 campuses. We also offer online prayer each Wednesday at 6AM.

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  1. I woke up this morning with The Rock Family on my heart. Have been looking for any recordings of worship / praise from The Rock praise team. I miss my Rock family. I’m saving all the videos I’ve found. I would really love to have more of the music from both the main campus as well as Madison campus so that I can listen to it regularly. It helps me feel closer to being there. Much love to all of you at The Rock and anyone else who might see this. God bless you always!