Worship Tutorials | – This Is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham – Kemper Performance & electric guitar cover

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This Kemper Performance for This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham is designed to be used with the Kemper remote, and all effects and profiles are included in the performance itself.

Kemper Profile used: Selah Sounds Red mkii ([support us] – from the British Pack)
Guitar: Suhr Classic T


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  1. Hello bro! Thanks for your tutorails and now i need a small help. How you get the copy rights for doing these songs because i myself plan to do the guitar cover videos on my Channel so bro please help me to get the copy rights. I dont know how to get

  2. I'm still waiting for my guitar pedal to play this game in my family night devotion. Being a 14 year old girl, I feel really lucky to receive God's gift to learn guitar at the age 12 and being able to play at my church. God bless.