12/3/11 Eternal Security PT. 1

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Can you lose your Salvation after you have trusted Jesus Christ to save you? I used to believe that. This message explains why I no longer believe you can lose your [support us] /> For more info visit: [support us]

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  1. Interesting take! But I supernaturally spoke in tongues when I received the Holy Ghost and I've since spoken in tongues supernaturally since then. When I first received the Holy Ghost I felt supernatural joy & peace from a Heavenly dimension. It wasn't even close to being from this world. YES the Holy Ghost still falls today the way it did in the book of Acts and it's a free gift to ANYONE willing to receive it!

  2. As I listened further, this is great discernment! The Body of Christ entails gentiles who have received the Holy Ghost while the Bride of Christ entails Jews who have received the Holy Ghost. The message in Acts was to the Bride of Christ and the Body of Christ did not begin until Paul started preaching to the gentiles. We are intertwined as one under the umbrella of being in the ecclesia or ekklasia of Christ. Ephesians 5 gives us a perfect example of how this works spiritually.

  3. This is so good that I had to listen again! But I must make it abundantly clear that the supernatural infilling of the HOly Ghost still happens today. The reason for speaking in tongues is to signify the evidence of the Holy Ghost in a person's life, It signifies that a person has a recreated spirit. It's totally supernatural and it still happens today. You are SPOT ON in that the Body of Christ had not yet began. This is a great teaching series.

  4. When Peter delivered the message to the audience he was addressing them in one language….Hebrew. All Jews back then spoke Hebrew regardless of what region they lived in. In other words Peter did not deliver the first Pentecostal message in tongues. When the Holy Ghost speaks through a person supernaturally it is a sign that God's Spirit has taken up it's abode in their human spirit.

  5. The first miracle of Pentecost is Acts 2:4 that everyone spoke in tongues ( Languages,) The second miracle is that everyone heard him in their own language. Acts 2:8 They spoke in different languages because there were people there from every nation under heaven. When Christians today gather together everyone speaks English. You don't need to speak in tongues anymore. You have the full revelation of the Word of God in your lap. God doesn't need to communicate with you through and interpreter.

  6. @gracebcct: Those are points well taken but when Peter addressed the crowd as a whole he was only speaking in a language that they all understood which was Hebrew. In my other comment(s) I was telling the TRUTH. I've spoken in tongues supernaturally on many occasions. It was God's Spirit speaking through me; I wasn't actually doing the talking. When I 1st got the Holy Ghost I felt supernatural love joy & peace from a Heavenly dimension. It wasn't from this dimension at all. IT'S REAL!