9 3 17 God is not doing that today

Knowing the will of God will depend on your understanding of 2 Tim. 2:15 from a KJV. God is not doing today what he did in Israel’s program.

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Grace Bible Community Church www.gbccct.org preaches the Word of God Rightly Divided according to 2 Tim. 2:15 We preach the gospel of salvation by faith in the finished work of the cross of Christ. Grace Bible Community Church

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  1. Pastor I love your sermons, and am so happy that you are educating your people about the truth that the Elite are trying to kill us! My hat goes off to you, most preachers will not touch it as they believe it is all "conspiracy theories". Thank-you!

  2. Oh my goodness thank you for being the pastor of truth biblically and not afraid to say what is happening worldly. This world is ran by Satan and if anyone thinks that this world wants their good and it tells truth in science and space and everything it pushes I feel sorry for you . You have drank the coolaid. You are the only pastor I know talking about the real conspiracies going on in this world. Love you !!!!

  3. Have to admit , Ive been guilty of the parking spot thing :/

    I had an accident not long ago , a guy went thru a red light , and I hit him
    I wasnt hurt , and after, I remember thanking the Lord for protecting me , guess that wasnt right then ?

    So much to ponder

  4. Weather modification and geoengineering are very interesting studies to do. Man will do what he wants, especially to get fame and fortune. If the technology exists, he will use it, even to disastrous results, because he can. Geoengineering and weather modification are hot topics of discussion with those controlling the technology. Some of them worry about the planet as a whole, people, nature and animals, but only as resources. The rich and powerful care about money and power. They have the technology to geoengineer weather, etc., but haven't used it full scale and are still arguing over testing, and regulations and control. To have accurate test results, they have to test large scale, and if there was a mistake, they could potentially destroy the planet. All of them want control and none want to be regulated by others, so they argue. Some are doing testing on small scale such as cloud seeding for rain and cloud forming with plants built in the ocean pumping out steam to make clouds, etc., but nothing large scale. They all want money, power, and control. It is the game of 'Risk.'

  5. Hi Pastor I'm "Ranadheer Rajkumar Gope" from Hyderabad, India listening all your messages started with 10 1 17 in descending order. Thank you so much all these messages Thanks a lot for unadulterated profound insightful sermons.

  6. Bruh, I've really enjoyed a lot of your work but when you said that Baptists are Pentecostals who don't believe in tongues I lost a tremendous amount of respect for you. That's so far from the truth that I can't tell if you are just being ridiculous or if you are really that convoluted, and if it's the latter I'm not sure how trustworthy anything you say is.

    Baptists rightly divide, baptists know the gifts were for a particular time, for a particular reason, baptists don't believe you need to be baptized for salvation, or other works, and there are many more fundamental differences in doctrine between Baptists and Pentecostals. Pentecostals are much closer to Catholicism than Baptists and your previously mentioned insinuation is frankly ludicrous and a poor testimony.

  7. It is too bad our President does not have someone advising him that observes 2 Tim. 2:15. I tried to get the info to him while I was a campaign volunteer during the primaries. Gave some material to Katrina Pierson to give to him at the Marriott after the victory rally in Spartenburg, SC

  8. Thank you pastor Rodney for speaking the truth, other pastors won't because they don't want to lose their money. I've been listening to your messages for a short time and have been blessed, just learned of right division and my eyes have now been opened. I live near Syracuse New York and don't have a church to go to because I refuse to just go to any church, so I will continue to listen and learn. God bless you and your family for all you do.

  9. Blaming The Lord God for the god of this world mess. I was also guilt of this saying the Lord God is judging sin thank you for helping us see that this is not what the Lord God is doing today. He judge sins once through the cross of Calvary and faith in that blood of the Lord God provides salvation from our sins. Love you so much brother from Texas

  10. Thank you for sharing the truth. I want to share but all your videos are so long and here people know very little English. So they won't watch it when they see its an hour long. They are missing out so much.