Antonio Fitzgerald | – Pentecost Sunday 2016 Praise Break – The Remnant Church of Power

The Remnant Church of Power
-Pastor Antonio L. Fitzgerald-
821 Memorial Drive | Danville, VA 24541
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Pastor Antonio L. Fitzgerald Elder Antonio L. Fitzgerald - Pastor of The Remnant Church of Power, Author of "Birthing the Real You" The Remnant Church of Power 821 Memorial Drive Danville, Virginia 24541 Pastor Antonio L. Fitzgerald 800.493.7950 E-mail:

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  1. where are yall located apologize for the slang word but. It seems to ME! You all are NOT! Absolutely not playing any games with the devil. Babygirl was unconditionally praise God for her, her family, the church, her next generations, and the lost and lazy saints that dont praise God, and those who cant must visit please let me know the location. Because I suppose to visit there to get my praise on with my true equally yoke brothers and sisters. Hallelujah don't stop praising him it's a joy watching and I even praised Him with all of you. Glory to the King of kings!!!

  2. Goodness of God be upon us all! This is the righteous power of the Holy Ghost! Get it! Praise God! Jobs and opportunities is coming back in 2017! Peace, freedom and prosperity like we has not seen in a little minute is inbound because we have HONORED OUR GOD with PRAISE and WORSHIP! He has heard OUR VOICE! And Now We Will Be Blessed and Mightily So! Thank you, Jesus!!!

  3. The Lady With Colorful Makes Me Know That She Knows GOD Fa Real And Her PRAISE Will Get Her Through Because I Can Feel The Authenticity Through This Screen….If I Ever Make It Down I Just Need Her To Dance With Me So That Pure Anointing Can Transfer Onto Me…..She Gives GOD What He Is Owed And She Not Worried Who Looking Or What They Saying …..DANCE FOR JESUS MAM…..WHATEVER YOU BEEN ASKING GOD FOR HE IS ABOUT TO GIVE YOU THAT PLUS MORE!