Antonio Fitzgerald | – 13th Annual 500 YIB Praise Break w/Pastor Justin Marshall

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Pastor Antonio L. Fitzgerald Elder Antonio L. Fitzgerald - Pastor of The Remnant Church of Power, Author of "Birthing the Real You" The Remnant Church of Power 821 Memorial Drive Danville, Virginia 24541 Pastor Antonio L. Fitzgerald 800.493.7950 E-mail:

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  1. I believe in praising the Lord but the music would drive me crazy!…’s just someone beating on the piano the same key over and over again…and the drums…oh, my head hurts.

  2. Some individuals will sit there because that’s exactly what they do at home. Your private life must match your public lifestyle and vice versa. Dancing doesn’t mean much half the time, but a bunch of emotionally filled individuals who just hears a good drum beat. I refuse to dance my life straight to hell because I refuse to live a consecrated life.

  3. I just want across this Video today. Praise God!it's sad to say that Parisi God in Churches in my area and that is so Sad I grew up in a Holyghost Shouting filled church. Now people just want to talk and not Preach and if the Spirit moves you they shut you down. They call it interrupting the service. Thanks for taking me back to a Real Church Service!

  4. Charismatic church, Lord open their minds to the truth. They just want attention, what’s the point of going in the front of the church to do all that? I’m sorry but they are not living for the God they think they’re living for. Joy is a fruit of the spirit but this is not joy… i’ve been in this kind of church for 4-5 years. Also the false babble speaking in tongues they do it’s not from the holy spirit that’s a devil.

  5. Come on y'all. Got a hold of those get together and pray doing the Holy Ghost together or the cousin everybody come on out come on Mama come on preacher talk open your mouth more drums mini everything bang bang bang bang bang the drums loud as you can take your shoes off run around the church go ahead and say it all been

  6. Come on out in at Ulta come out come out to the horta everybody come out to the author everybody everybody come on out to the office come on come on out to the author come on you got enough room out there a lot of room make some more video Church videos