Arthur Blessitt | – Spring Rain in Colorado with Arthur Blessitt and the cross

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Arthur and Denise Blessitt ARTHUR BLESSITT EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION® 53rd year carrying cross. 1968-2020. Be sure to 'follow' for notifications. The Official YouTube site of Arthur and Denise Blessitt. They both minister here. It's all about Jesus, the cross, and the love of God for all people. Carries a 12 foot cross. Arthur Blessitt, Guinness World Record holder for longest ongoing pilgrimage/walk. Crossed 43,326 walking miles in every nation and major island group. His wife Denise, brings supplies, drives, films and shares how to know Jesus. God bless you, Luke 18:1

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  1. Arthur as a young man i played with the dark side. spells and invocations. to satan. as now a grown man i see the error of my ways and had looked to jesus as my savior. satan sends beings in my dreams to entice me to fornicate with them. i have resisted for a long time. since my power in jesus has gotten stronger satan seems to have left me alone for a long time now. but i still get urges…rarely…what can i do to invoke jesus more into my life. i pray now and then. and try to be a good man. i had put away childish things, i stopped smoking. drinking. I have 1 more thing to beat. i neeed help arthur. can you please speak to the father about Anthony jones of england born 1/8/1971 in a town that runs through darwen , lancashire on the A666 road. please ask him what i need to do to get closer to our lord and saviour jesus christ… god bless you Arthur. i know your the real deal. i need help …..thank you.. you can find the A666 on google maps… the hospital was called bulls hill but its knocked down now…anyway have a good day.. i look forward to a reply..not from anybody just AB.

  2. " We LOVE the song ! " I have the JOY,JOY,JOY Down in My HEART"
    Lena and are singing it together NOW !!!

    Thank you for praying for Lena and I and my Other Children Arthur !
    God is working in their hearts for their mama (Me) "PRAISE GOD"
    "I will sing the song again !!! ha ha ha ha ha
    " I have the JOY,JOY,JOY, down in my HEART down in My HEART " I HAVE
    the JOY in MY HEART TO STAY" AMEN !!!

    May God's Peace and JOY always fill your HEART Dear Arthur !
    We love you, and your Family…God Bless You ! Estella and Lena

  3. Always so positive no matter what the circumstances…I have been feeling “down” for weeks and just can’t seem to shake it…then I tune into Arthur and am so uplifted by the joy and peace that flows through him…
    To me, this is so crucial for a Believer to sincerely feel and demonstrate to the world…thank you for your uplifting attitude and genuine expression of the Spirit that “hits home” regardless of how short the message may be!
    May I fall into his arms at times like these…thank you Arthur!
    God bless you all!

  4. I really enjoy tuning in to these videos by Arthur for encouragement. Thanks for taking the time to make these vids, Arthur. Stay encouraged, brother. 78years of age and still carrying the cross around, and in bad weather no less. Praise God for that!

  5. Millions of people are coming to Jesus all over the world!!
    We have never seen anything like it. People who live in a 3foot circle of ‘comfortable
    predictability’ are not even alive. This is the most exciting time EVER to be alive. Keep
    going FULL SPEED. People are desperately in need of those who aren’t cowards and will boldly proclaim “JESUS IS LORD!” We pray strength,wisdom, revelation, abundant finances and ALWAYS being at the right place at the right time.
    There will be a line as far as the eye can see in Heaven of people waiting to thank you for sharing Jesus with them—