Ask The Pastor | – Why Use the KJV and NKJV Translations?

Why does Pastor only use KJV and NKJV? Is just a matter of personal taste or is there something more to it? Today we swim in the shallows of Textual Criticism and explore the Greek New Testament.

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  1. ATP, Thank you so much for your simply stated trust in the historic text behind the KJV, and NKJV. These are from the manuscript family I trust.
    I will at times use the NIV, for a more relaxed perspective, but it is Not my go to version

  2. I agree completely with your views on Bible translations and, after watching a few of your videos, just want to say you have a great way of explaining why you prefer the TR. I’m not Lutheran, but I would imagine there is a more liberal element in the denomination who have moved toward the Critical Text versions, just as so many have done in other denominations. It’s unfortunate because Luther’s translation into German is excellent and very similar to the KJV; I often refer to it for comparison and really like it. God bless you and thanks for taking the time to make these videos!

  3. It’s a little weird… I grew up Methodist…with some Southern Baptist influence from my paternal grandparents..,
    ….The KJV, and later, the RSV… were the translations I used.

    I became a Catholic in the early 80’s, and switched to the NAB, which is the translation used in the American Church…unfortunately…. When attending the Athenaeum of Ohio…in pursuit of an MAR, I was required to use the Oxford Annotated Bible…with the Apocrypha… Loved it.

    The RSV has remained my go to translation…. I rejected the NRSV, because of its gender neutral language… NomPC for me… ☹️

    SO… of course I “hear” Scripture in the KVJ language of my youth… My Southern Baptist. Grandmother saw to it.

    I find myself…at the age of 77…. reaching for my NKJV, as well as my Mother’s KVJ. This happened, partially, because I have severe gla…and these Bibles are in large to giant print. And… I have been researching specific types of Bibles for my cousin, and my daughter- in -law….both of whom arevKJV only gals.

    I remain a Catholic….mainly because of the Eucharist…and… I believe the Churchb created the correct canon of the Bible, at the Council of Trent.

    Having plenty of Catholic Bibles, I have no problem using my KJV, or my NKJV. I can see them….which is a big deal.

    While I read lots of books on my iPad…I want to hold my Bibles in my hands…I want to mark important words and passages, and to write notes. In fact, I plan to order a beautiful wide margin KNJV…a journaling Bible, covered in natural leather…with a an over flap…and tie. It’s expensive, but I don’t care.

    Thank you for your thoughtful reviews and comments,

    Sandy from Cincinnati…. The birthplace of professional baseball

  4. Pastor… Could you please talk about the Jerusalem Bible….I love how this translation “reads”… Mother Angelica used the Reader’s JB all the time.

    I do not like the NJB, because of the gender neutral language..

    Thank you!