Bethel Music | – The Father's House (Studio Version) – Cory Asbury

After taking a year off to rest with family, Cory is back on the scene with new projects, songs, and a deeper revelation of the Father’s heart. His newest single “The Father’s House” paints a picture of the delight and freedom that is found when we enter the Father’s house and portrays the deep message of identity and sonship in a fun and energetic way.

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Sometimes on this journey
I get lost in my mistakes
What looks to me like weakness
Is a canvas for your strength
And my story isn’t over
My story’s just begun
And failure won’t define me
‘Cause that’s what my Father does
Yeah, failure won’t define me
‘Cause that’s what my Father does

Ooh, lay your burdens down
Ooh, here in the Father’s house
Check your shame at the door
‘Cause it ain’t welcome anymore
Ooh, you’re in the Father’s house

Arrival’s not the end game
The journey’s where you are
You never wanted perfect
You just wanted my heart
And the story isn’t over
If the story isn’t good
Failure’s never final
When the Father’s in the room
Failure’s never final
When the Father’s in the room

Prodigals come home
The helpless find hope
Love is on the move
When the Father’s in the room
Prison doors fling wide
The dead come to life
Love is on the move
When the Father’s in the room
Miracles take place
The cynical find faith
Love is breaking through
When the Father’s in the room

The Jericho walls are quaking
Strongholds now are shaking
Love is breaking through
When the Father’s in the room
love is breaking through
When the Father’s in the room

Cory Asbury, Ethan Hulse, Benjamin Hastings

#TheFathersHouse #CoryAsbury #bethelmusic

About The Author

Bethel Music Bethel Music is a community of worshipers pursuing the presence of God. We exist to gather, inspire, and encourage the global church toward deeper intimacy with the Father. Together, we express who God is and who we are in Him, capturing fresh expressions of worship in every season.

Comment (45)

  1. I do have a burden that I wanted to lay down. A bunch of them actually but only one I felt like I needed to talk to you about. Because I try not to bother God very often but when I do, usually it is about something very important and meaningful. Because if someone must bear this burden let it be me so someone else doesn't have to but I heard that you already did this once for everyone? Is it true? Amen.

  2. My ex-wife is at her father's house and I am at my father's house and our fathers disagree. Is this the kingdom where I get to be myself? Because I want to destroy all of the other kingdoms. Answer all of my questions now?

  3. "The story isn't over of the story isn't good." Does he mean good as in it glorifies God? Because christ didn't promise us a good life, he even warned us of persecution. So if he means a good life then that's not biblical.

  4. I should have posted this before and I didn't but God was speaking to me with this song and night be for i got on my knees witch is extremely difficult because I'm extremely obese and I was praying to God about just one failure after another and all of my broken and next morning I woke up hearing this song speaking directly to my heart and Mathew West the God who stays and I can say is keep faith in God never give up he help me through a season I was thinking and coming close to suicide, but he stopped from doing it and to anyone else trust in him even when you dont understand and your barely holding on and surrounded yourself with believers who are in the spirit and that can pray over you and reach out to them if you they don't sometimes reach to you and say this because I have a minister friend I reached out to in that time because he posted a message on Facebook and I had a meeting with him at a place and he proceeded to tell me that his young son had woke up from a disturbing dream about seeing me in hell and what happened to me there and I can tell you it brought me a great deal of grief at the time but it does say to work out your faith with fear and trembling and I'm not saying all who commit suicide go there but God looks at the heart of all of us and the holy spirit revealed some of the reasons I was going to do it some I wasn't aware of some I was and I just had to post this I hope it can help someone.

  5. Got me… Again. That lump in my throat, that… ache in my chest… and just wanting to Scream. I hear this song, and there you are, arms open xo Thank you, I love you Papa ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Cory/Bethel music… This is Awesome!!! Hallelujah!!!