Bil Cornelius | – What to Do When Opportunity Comes – Be Worth Following

Becoming a leader means giving your best by creating value and solutions where you’ve been asked to serve. In this message, Pastor Bil Cornelius takes a look at how to step up when opportunity knocks on your door.

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Church Unlimited Church Unlimited is a multisite denomination in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas. Join ourselves this weekend for a powerful announcement led by Pastor Bil Cornelius, a great worship experience, and life-changing children and learner ministries. Our Mission: To take as many people to Heaven as we can before we die. Period.

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  1. You know I'm not gonna beat around the bush. Your paid to lie to people and bullshit them and you don't even understand the simple basics of evolution yet you think it's a lie. Do you have any real proof of a "God"?anything that could be counted as real truth?just thought I would mention that and also if you think I'm going to hell well that's impossible for me because I know it doesn't exist. Lol