Billy Graham | – The Holy Spirit and You | Billy Graham Classic

Without the Holy Spirit, Billy Graham’s ministry wouldn’t have been possible. In this 1983 message from Sacramento, California, hear how the Spirit can help you live for Christ. Watch more #MondayNightClassics weekly at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. Ruth bell Graham inspired my life still does I have peace forever♥️ I called in time of despair the prayer line couseleo said I needed a nurse with a purse it set me free praise God Juat give me Jesus a book II read and will keep reading it until he comes for me Blessings to the Graham family so be it


  3. God has nothing for anyone,because he doen't exist,never did and never will…God(s) are man created to merely control the masses…think about it!!! Has anyone ever seen god? has anyone actually had a conversation with god?? Does he interact with the natural world? The answer to all those questions is a BIG FLAT NO!!! And the same goes for the mythical jesus…just another myth ccreated to control the masses…

  4. Has the Second Coming – Jesus’ return to earth – come and gone? Did it
    happen and we didn't notice? It is the belief of nearly 7 million
    peoples in the world the members of the Baha'i faith that Christ has
    already made his Second Coming.
    A newspaperman in Wisconsin scooped
    the world with the story. William Sears was with the United Press bureau
    in Madison, Wis., when he came upon his story completely by chance. As
    he worked nights, he often had time to read on the job. One night he
    came upon a book about a group of people who had eagerly awaited the
    return of Christ in the 19th century.
    Sears was particularly
    interested in the story of William Miller, a Bible student who
    calculated that, after studying the promises of the prophet Daniel in
    the Old Testament, Christ would return to earth in 1844. Miller had
    narrowed it down even further to Oct. 22, 1844. So on that day, he and
    his followers, who numbered about 100,000, climbed the hills and the
    housetops around Hampton, N.Y., where Miller lived, and waited for
    Christ's return, which never materialized. Miller and his disappointed
    disciples concluded that they must have made some mistake in their
    arithmetic. Sears the reporter was not so sure.
    Something of a Bible
    student himself, Sears figured that the prophet Daniel and Miller were
    right about 1844 and that Christ had indeed returned but the event had
    taken place somewhere else and had gone unnoticed by the world. Sears
    began looking at all available historical records for 1844. Were there
    any stories or legends of a man claiming to be the Messiah that surfaced
    that year?
    On one of his several trips to the Middle East for the
    United Press, Sears heard the strange tale of a young man who had been
    sentenced to death for instigating a religious-reform movement in Persia
    (Iran today). The story was that the man in question was hanging,
    suspended by ropes, from a crossbar in the public square while a firing
    squad took aim at him. But when the smoke of 750 rifles had cleared, the
    man stood on the ground unhurt. The guns of his executioners would- had
    severed the ropes but he had miraculously escaped the volleys and ran
    off free.
    The young man was known as the Bab (pronounced Bob), which
    means "gate." He had been traveling through Persia proclaiming he was
    the gate (or door) through which would come the Promised One. His first
    announcement that the Second Coming was imminent was made, Sears
    learned, on May 23, 1844!
    As John the Baptist had been the
    forerunner of Christ, according to the New Testament, the Bab claimed to
    be the forerunner of this new promised redeemer. The Bab was killed in
    1850, but his followers continued to await the Promised One. In 1863,
    one of their member proclaimed, he was the one the Bab had foretold. His
    name was Baha'u'llah, which in Arabic means "the glory of God."
    had noted in his Bible studies that the Messiah was referred to
    countless times as "the glory of God," or "the glory of the Lord." For
    instance, Isaiah had said in one of his best-known prophecies, "Arise,
    shine, for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord (Baha'u'llah) is
    risen upon thee." Sears, who published his research in 1961, became a
    Baha'i himself.
    The Baha'i faith, unlike most Eastern religions, is
    more practical than mystical. The essential message is the oneness of
    mankind. Principles of the religion include universal peace based on a
    federation of nations. "Baha'is do not engage in political activities,
    officially support candidates or run for public office. The rules that
    guide a Baha'i in his daily life include loyalty, obedience to
    government and abstinence from alcohol. Service to mankind is regarded
    as a form of worship. The first proclamation of the equality of the
    sexes occurs in Baha'i teachings. As there is no clergy, Baha'is conduct
    their own meetings at which sacred writings are read and prayers are
    said. Since Baha'is believe the solidarity of society ultimately depends
    on the stability and unity of the family, all Baha'is, no matter their
    age, must get the consent of both parents (if they are living) before
    they can be married. Baha'is reside in more than 320 countries and
    territories of the world. In the United States, there are more than 500
    “Local Spiritual Assemblies" (groups of nine or more Baha'is).
    Well-known Baha'is have included Dizzy Gillespie, Vic Damone and Gail
    Martin, daughter of the late Dean Martin. The center of the Baha'i
    community in the United States can be found in Wilmette, Ill. The world
    center is located in Haifa, Israel.

    “Bestir yourselves, O
    people, in anticipation of the days of Divine justice, for the promised
    hour is now come. Beware lest ye fail to apprehend its import and be
    accounted among the erring”.

    [Baha’u’llah (The glory of God, the promised one), Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p. 17]

  5. What a great sermon. There is no other quite like Billy Graham. To the Grahams, you are so very blessed.
    We all benefit from his preaching.

    Today, we enter that time. I believe it is that… time. And, I invite you to visit a body of work that I have created just for us, for you, for me, my family, and my friends… I have produced this work for Christians, and others.

    Would you now to walk with me?….

    There is a way of understanding the world around us, that differs much from our description today that differs much than is what is being taught and lectured on in lecture houses across the country, and ….the world. Many parts of the Bible come to life, to light.  

    What YOU call LOVE, a new understanding calls entanglement. It is the way atoms interact. When you study this, we come to understand this as one principle to describe all of nature. 

    One God, you say?

    Well, in fact, it is simply ONE PRINCIPLE…. to define all of nature.

    And, we observe it to be rich and robust in its' dynamic behaviors, allowing atoms to connect in many ways, and in four unique ways. So, we do not call it merely entanglement, but we call it robust entanglement.  

    This is the way.  

    This is the way we understand all atomic motion. And, we understand energy itself. We redefine it. We capture it. We produce it, freely. And, when we engineer it, we produce what we call gravity, electromagnetism, even nuclear forces, in strong and weak force.

    Come, walk with me, that you would now hear of the great sophistication of science. And you would come to understand this sophistication as FAITH. Faith, becomes the sophistication of science.

    Truly, our faith becomes the sophistication of science. That means, that when you enter that place, where faith dominates your thinking, you become so focused as to allow your observation to understand what it is that is truly occurring. This is not a faith you would recognize. This is something you are born with, or… you develop in great passion and patience. But you have to spend that time.

    Kind regards,

    independent researcher
    theoretical & applied physics
    join the live discussion of new energy, forming freely in every atomic interaction
    ushering in a new era prosperity, and plenty
    or join the live discussion of the theology of this new science
    as we talk about scriptural references, coming to light

  6. Its like a want not from you but it is of choosing what the flesh doesn't want but you have freewill. I struggle with this. My mind says not to pray and read the word but I do it anyway, the devil doesn't want us to worship God.

  7. If you find anywhere in the bible where it says that God the father , Jesus and the Holy Spirit are a trinity I'll give you my whole life savings…the bible says There are 3 that Bear record in Heaven, The Father , The Son and The Holy Ghost and these three are 1……no trinity Ladies in Gents

  8. The Holy Spirit from my personal experience has more to do with the heart than with the brain. Jesus said that He will give us a heart of flesh, or change our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. Drugs affect the brain and do different things, but ultimately what comes forth from a person is what resides in their heart. Their hearts desires.

  9. God's most favorite Temple!
    The most dear Temple to God is the heart of man. It is the becoming the Likeness of God which is also known as becoming "a god by the Grace of God" (Holy)
    (1 Corinthians 3 :16) Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and who was given to you by God”?
    The greatest precognition is obedience! [John 14:21] “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself unto him”.
    Those obedient to all of His commandants become their selves Temple of God and this is a description of a supernatural condition that begins with Baptism (union with God) that is also known as becoming Holy or a New Creation. [Colossians 3 10] “And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him”: The Heavenly Kingdom then is not a place but a way of being!
    This is why the heavenly Kingdom is not a place but a way of being1 [Luke 17:21 No one will say, “Look here it is”! Or, “There it is!” because the Kingdom of God is within you”.
    Baptism delivered by the Holy Spirit the day of Pentecost is a way a person becomes ~a Temple of the Holy Spirit~ it is a description of a part take with God known as becoming "a god by the Grace of God" (Galatians 3:27) “You were baptized into union with Christ, and now you are clothed, with the life of Christ himself”
    After His Ascension Lord Jesus (God Logos) became the "head of the body the Church". In Colossians 1: 24] Paul verifies the fact that the Church is not a building but the divine the Body of Christ! “Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body's sake, which is the church::
    A head, is a head of a body and a body belongs to a head in a way they are undivided. Lord Jesus/God Logos became the High Priest of the Body the Church after ascending to His Father. [Hebrews 4: 14] “For we have a great Priest who has gone into the very presence of God” He became High Priest and Mediator to His Father enabling those baptized and receiving the Holy Spirit within TO BE REDEEMED FROM ALL SIN, to purify the heart (only God can forgive sins) and become MEMBERS OF A BODY
    [Α Colossians 1:18] “He is the head of his body, the Church; He is the source of the body’s life”
    During Baptism a person receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit however it is up to each and every individual to energize them or set them in motion at will based on their greatest gift from God which is their freedom.
    Becoming Holy (part take with God) is becoming the Likeness of God [2 Corinthians: 4:6]. “God makes His Light shine in our hearts, to bring us the knowledge of God’s glory shining in the face of Christ.
    It was only natural then if man was to ~unide with God~ as a means of His Salvation to receive the canons (rules) for his theosis by God who creaded him who was to remake him as such. For the remaking of man to this supernatural way of being the Holy Spirit delivered to the Aapostles 85 Holy Apostolic canons the day of Pentecost that were to serve as the Will of God to the Salvation of enabling Lord Jesus as REDDEMER and SAVIOUR of the Body His Church!
    Cannons of the Orthodox Church (the Churh creatd by the Holy Spirit th day of Penteost)
    These Holy Apostolic Cannons begotten by the Holy Spirit the day of Pentecost establish our Lords presence in His Church as High Priest and Mediator to His Father for each and everyone one, they ensure mans freedom, they were set forth to free man from his biggest tyranny that is sin, and they are aimed to set man free from his biggest tyrant who is the devil.
    God is Light and His Saints are light and this is man’s divine Destination Elder Sophrony of Essex – Image and likeness of God
    If the Salvation does not include the return to the presence of God…what good is it?The vision of Divine LightThis is what Lord Jesus told St. Symeon when He became worthy to His presence in His Divine Light. “It is me, God, Who became man for you; and behold that I have made you, as you see, and shall make you god”.
    The cave of the Apocalypse (Greek Othodox Divine Liturgy every day)!
    On Mount Sinah where Moses received the 10 comandments is also an Orthodox monastery of SaintCathwrine.
    TO BE AN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Is to experience the Apostolic Faith …
    Greek Orthodox by country
    God bless

    The Truth is not imaginary; it is fulfilled in reality. 2000 years ago Jesus promised to send the Another Helper. Now, the Another Helper, the Spirit of Truth has come as a person in reality, and is helping us to understand the perfect Truth by interpreting the Bible with the Bible to make us understand God's will. We must know what the unforgivable sin is. Blaspheming the Spirit of Truth will not be forgiven either in this world or in the world to come.

  11. REPENT…Jesus Christ is coming back soon and we wish not for anyone to perish but for everyone to come to repentance and live for him. But he cannot accept Saint into heaven you must make a choice are you going to live for God or for this world because God and his kingdom because God and his kingdom is internal what's this world and everything that you think you want on it the possessions and everything is all temporary

  12. Beloved, I don't know you in person but God knows you. God ministered to me in a revelation when I was on your profile to see things around you,I saw blessings but spiritual attacks holding onto them,in prayers,i saw a woman in the realm of the spirit monitoring and plotting delay in your life, with an evil mirror, and with motive to destroy. But as I speak to you now her time is up, Render hand of favour with Anything you can afford or give to these motherless foundation (Godstime MOTHERLESS FOUNDATION) in kebbi state Nigeria before 2DAYS with faith, as I Rise my hands towards heaven and pray for you they shall serve as point of contact wherever you are, you will receive double portion of grace to excel and total restoration of breakthrough in your life and in the life of your family. Ask for their acct details and help them call the MD in charge of the orphanage to get their details on (WhatsApp or call them now on +1 (424) 208-2997 him I sent an you. For it is not by might nor by in power but of the spirit saith the lord (zechariah 4:6). You shall testify to the Glory of God in your life. God bless you…………