BRMinistries | – All These Things – Loneliness by Dino Rizzo

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God is great than all these things that we face in our life. Today, we are looking at the topic of loneliness. God wants to turn your loneliness into aloneness with [support us] /> #DinoRizzo #Highlands #Loneliness

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Comment (6)

  1. Not long ago I met a man.

    Whose dreams were made of sand.

    He had a hurt he could not hide

    But his heart was full of pride
    He couldn’t see where he was wrong.

    I turned to help but he was gone.

    But you know you’re gonna see him in a while.

    You know you’re gonna see him in a while.

    Here comes a lady that you meet.

    So many years upon the street.

    You feel the need within her there.

    So little time to show you care.

    Just treat her kind and let her go

    Old can be a lonely place to grow

    But you know, you’re gonna see her, in a while

    You know you're gonna see her in a while.

    The world around is full of woe.

    So much to do and more to know

    Troubles here can get you down

    But you know where love can be found

    He’ll walk with you an extra mile,

    Thru all time and every trial

    And you know you’re gonna see Him in a while.

    You know you’re gonna see Him in a while.

    Tom McIntosh

  2. It is apostasy to make a spectacle about giving to the church.

    2 Corinthians 9:7
    Each one should decide ON THEIR OWN
    and NOT give under compulsion.

    It may have been a great message but I am not going to listen to it because this pastor is a false prophet for pressuring people to give to the church and I do not listen to such people


    There is a video ON THIS VERY CHANNEL that explains why. Please! Watch the first few minutes of it so you can understand! It's called "Love God and He will provide all your needs"

    The pastor in that video says that when pastors do this spectacle about giving to the church it shows they are after MONEY and not after God.

    2 Corinthians 9:7 says each one is to decide on his own what he gives. AND THERE SHOULD BE NO COMPULSION!!!

    STOP listening to false prophets! Listen to the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth!

    Your soul depends on it!