BRMinistries | – The Mark of the Beast by Keith Malcomson

The mark of the beast is not far along. Do you know what the scriptures say about the mark of the best? What happens to you if you get it? Who would you be standing against?
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  1. It is always good to remember that, The self-righteous Sabbath keepers found so much evil in Jesus Christ Himself , they had their own Messiah, scourged and Crucified. How much more will be find Evil in the body of Christ his church

  2. “How to beat addictions and stop watching inappropriate videos for the followers of Jesus Christ!”— (A step by step guide to Fasting!)

    (Introduction to fasting)- “what is fasting?”

    “Fasting”— simply means to take a temporary, or, short- term break from something In the name of God ALMIGHTY. (And this may come as a bit of a shock to some of you), but yes, fasting can be done with numerous other things besides food and water!— they may ask, “really? Like what?”

    (Answer): Well Realistically speaking, besides food and water, The followers of Christ should be aiming to fast from any and all forms of sensual pleasure that is holding them in bondage to sin(s) or addiction(s).

    **So for most believers I presume that would be: (cannabis , cigarettes, alcohol, inappropriate videos and Worldly music right?)—Just to name a few.

    (So, then the question becomes, “Why do we fast? And What purpose does it serve?”)—

    (answer): (Isaiah 58:6)- “Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?.”

    (Explanation:)— The Lord Jesus Christ taught me that, when you CANNOT resist something such as: (drugs, or alcohol, or adult film, or cigarettes), then it means that THOSE THINGS have power and control OVER YOU and your life.

    However, when you CAN resist these things then it means that the power of evil or sin no longer has any power or control over you! (And that’s why he says, fast so that you can loosen the grip that these things has on your life)

    And That is exactly the reason why I’ll be showing YOU, how to use fasting in order to get started with beating your addiction(s) and temptations TODAY! How does that sound? Okay! Well then, Let’s get started!

    (Step #1: Setting EASY Goals to achieve.”)— The beautiful thing about fasting in the name of Jesus Christ is that You get to decide how long your own fasting breaks will last. That’s right guys! Fasting is Completely self managed! When it comes to fasting, You are your own boss!

    And because you will be managing yourself, please make sure that you do not get carried away by setting goals for yourself that are too impossible for you to achieve. (Matthew 26:41)- “For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!”— (This scripture is just a reminder to us that, things are easier said than done.) sometimes we have the excitement to do the right thing….. but we physically can’t sometimes.

    I say this to politely remind you all dear brothers and sister, that Fasting is actually a lot harder than it looks. So for your first ever fast, I would highly recommend that you all start off by setting goals for yourself that are extremely EASY for you to achieve.

    (So for example), do not attempt to take a 3 month break from alcohol for your first ever fast, that would be way too excessive or challenging for a person who is addicted. How about taking a 2 or 3 day break from drinking alcohol first?!! you know? something that’s easy for you to achieve! This would be a much easier task to manage than a 3 month break!

    Baby steps dear brothers and sisters, baby steps. Test the waters first. Dip your toes into the water before you dive all the way in! The key to successful fasting is abstaining from your addiction only for as long as you can handle. Never overwhelm yourself!

    Because again guys, when it comes to fasting, you’re NOT quitting your addiction all at one time. You are simply taking a short- term or temporary break from your addiction in order to *SLOWLY* build up your self control with each fast.

    Eventually you will quit your addiction completely, but you’ll have to remember dear brothers and sisters, that an addiction is not something that is just overcome in one day; It takes time! Therefore dear brothers and sisters, please be patient with this process! Patience and commitment is going to be your best friend here for these next few weeks and months.

    (Step 3: fasting longer and longer each time)

    Once you achieve your small goal, you should then set a bigger goal for yourself to achieve next time. So for example, once you successfully go 2-3 days without smoking or drinking, or watching inappropriate videos, that’s when you can go ahead and try a longer fast next time, perhaps say a 5-7 day break from smoking or drinking.

    And then, once can you achieve that, that’s when you can try a 10-14 day break from drinking or smoking next! And then eventually, you’ll work your way up to a one month break and then two months, And then so on and so-forth! (I think You guys get the idea!) — but the goal here is to make sure that your fasting breaks are getting longer and longer each time.

    consistency is key! Fasting once or twice, will not be nearly enough to beat your addiction. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to remember this step! (PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS STATEMENT HERE WHATEVER YOU DO)— *After you have completed a fast, ONE or TWO days later you ***MUST** be starting a new FAST again! — (on the the next step)

    (Step 4: Honoring your word! The art of self discipline!) Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this is THE most important step!! Are you listening??? please Remember, that in order for this whole fasting thing to actually work out for YOU,

    *You will ABSOLUTELY ***HAVE TO** honor your word!***

    (Meaning that), if you have decided that you are going to be taking a break from alcohol for ten days, then you Actually have to HONOR your word and resist the alcohol for 10 days like you said! That’s right dear brothers and sisters, When it comes to Fasting, if you said it, you MUST do it!

    A Fast is only TRULY successful, if you resist the temptation for the amount of time that you said you would! If you give in to your addiction before the fasting period is over, then the fast will be failed unfortunately to say.

    (Final step: how to quit your addiction for good!)

    So I know a lot of you may be wondering, “At what point should I try to quit My addiction completely?”

    (Answer): Once you have reached the point where you are actually able to fast for 2 months straight without giving in to your addiction, that’s when you should try to quit for good! I mean, If you have NOT drank alcohol or watched those videos in 2 months… there’s no sense in turning back now!! because you’d be clean and free!!! And so your job would simply be to do your best to keep resisting those things as you have. (End of message)

  3. Where is knowledge and wisdom found? Only in God's Word. Let's count the number of the Beast. Read Genesis 3:6 and count 3:6 one 6, two 6, three 6= 666. What do we see in Genesis 3:6? the beginning of man's sin. SIN IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST

  4. Elberfeld translation of Deuteronomy 25
    1 If there is a dispute between men and they go to court and judge, then the righteous are to be judged righteous and the guilty guilty. (Deuteronomy 16:18; Deuteronomy 17,9; Prov 17:15; Isa 5:20; Clan 3:35)

    2 And if the guilty man has earned blows, the judge is to lay him down and have him beaten in his presence according to the number stipulated, according to his guilt. (Luke 12.47; Acts 5.40)
    3 He may give him forty blows – no more – so that if he continues to beat him with many blows beyond these, your brother will not be dishonored in your eyes. (2 Cor 11:24)
    4 Thou shalt not shut up the ox when it is threshing. (1 Cor 9,9; 1 Tim 5,18)
    to verse 1. This is how one feels righteousness with common sense.
    to verse 2. Small guilt less punishment and more guilt more punishment. There used to be corporal punishment for guilt. Today there is jail or fines or other punishments
    to verse 3. There is a maximum penalty and it also revolves around human dignity when it comes to punishment. 40 beats used to be survived, but probably not always. Nevertheless, the guilty man is seen as a brother of mankind from whom one cannot take away all honor.
    to verse 4. Now comes the leap of thought, before it turns to guilty parties and punishments. Now it's about animals doing the work. These beings have not committed any crimes but they work. It is the enhancement of stealing human dignity. Now they call people disparagingly stupid animals, these people take care of their livelihood and the livelihood of their families with their work. Now they are ordered to bandage their mouths (so that they are plagued by being deprived of the air they breathe. A kind of torture even though they are innocent). In 1 Cor 9,9 and 1 Tim 5,18 Paul already points out that it is not about oxen but about people. Here about apostles who deserve their wages for their work. However, this is not the only type of interpretation, although it is correct. In His Word God shows again and again something new that people learn and understand.
    If you no longer see people as human beings but as slaughter cattle (ox), this is an increase in the punishment (torture). Connecting the mouth fully applies to the present day. Go shopping and you will see a lot of oxen. God told people this over 3000 years ago and this prophecy will be recognized at the end of the day. God said that you shouldn't do that and people who order this do not do God's will, but the opposite of it. Satan only wants to kill, steal and destroy.
    But Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. There is also a connection between the muzzle and buying and selling, a forerunner of the mark of the beast.