David Jeremiah | – Lord—Help! | David Jeremiah | Psalm 121

In the eight verses of Psalm 121 we find confidence expressed in the grandeur of the psalmist’s vision of God—the Lord, who can be trusted to help us at every point along life’s journey.

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  1. Help Lord. The beasts of the field are too strong and numerous for me. I just want a single calendar season in life without tears and battles, yet I will shew forth praises to the God most High, glorious is His name, O Jesus we adore you and long to see your face. Deliver us from evil. O King Jesus Come quickly and save our innocent children. You've done so much for us but I can't take any more.

  2. Thank you Pastor Jeremiah, for your continued teaching,sharing and reaching out to the saved and unsaved. You speak the truth, I have benefited from your reminder of how very much God loves us ( me) and that He is in control of all things. I want you to know that you are appreciated. God bless you and keep you in His care.

  3. Thank you Pastor Jeremiah, I needed to hear this sermon today as I am about to visit my daughter in the Middle East. I know my help comes from the Lord, and for sure I will need His help at this time. So much is going on now, but my faith and trust is knowing that my help does comes from the Lord.

  4. Pastor David Jeremiah's sermons and teachings connects the Holy Scriptures directly to our hearts and our times. His exhortations on how to cope during our walled-in pandemic stricken times have had a profound impact on me.Thank you Pastor for your precious ministry to all of us who believe in our Lord Jesus who alone can protect us as the Eternal GOOD SHEPHERD. May the Lord whom you serve tirelessly grant you long life to minister effectively in His Vineyard.

  5. Reached the cashier at Harbor Freight before I realized my wallet fell out of my pocket.The man behind me insisted on paying,even refuses my money after I retrieved my wallet from truck seat.I will pay it forward,and looking forward to opportunity.

  6. I liked him well enough until he called out his "buddies" for standing up to government when ordered to stop church services. Some were arrested and/or fined, for trying to continue worshipping/ holding services in their churches including outdoor services. I don't recall seeing Jeramiah join with those who were standing up for the right of everyone to hold services and defending Christianity, or even offer a word of support or unity for brave pastors who did, he only criticized his "buddies." I'm not aware that he ever preached on the importance of voting for biblical principles and not anti-christian agendas, as many brave, God-living pastors did, and that we must love God more than we hate a certain candidate.. Pastors are supposed to lead and stand strong for Christianity. Those who say they don't get involved in politics are cowards and doublehearted.
    "Politics" is simply a label for an opinion, it's a statement as to how one wants their country governed.
    Thank God some pastors still have enough backbone and devotion to God and biblical principles to take a stand, even though it may cost the loss of a donation and attendee.
    While strong faithful pastors were taking the heat and standing up for Chistianity, holier-than-thou, Jeramiah was standing in front of a camera, as if all us well. I can no longer stand to look at him or hear his voice, just long enough to post this.

  7. Has been watching you here on YouTube,seven hours earlier I saw what you posted for Christmas. Does it mean all your studies and research or will I say you have not prayed to know if Christmas is of God? Many of preacher are the main misleading agent you can find now.

  8. All I want for Christmas

    All I want for Christmas is for Jesus to return
    For His loving arms around me this is what I yearn

    Peace and joy and happiness forever would be mine
    Resting in His presence yes that would be divine

    No more cares and worries, no more sorrow in my heart
    Never would there be moments when our loved ones would depart

    He’s promised me salvation if I would just believe
    And in His blood atonement only now do I cleave

    Come quickly now sweet Jesus my King and my Lord
    We need the Earth to be renewed and the love to be restored

    Yes, all I want for Christmas is for Jesus to return
    For His loving arms around me…this is what I yearn.

    Written by Sharon Laurie Fladeland
    November 27, 2020

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