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Pastor Greg Locke Pastor Greg Locke. Greg Locke is the Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN and is a sought after conference speaker. Contact:615-553-4040 Follow

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  1. Thank you for this. I know I was led here for a reason. My brother is on his 3rd strike system in SC Detention Center and facing a yr of incarceration. I didn't understand why and struggled with empathy for him. This helped me put things in perspective.

  2. this is not mythology this is about having a spiritual life. people who drink and use drugs do so because they search for something that is missing. my brother died from alcoholism. and I am 6 years sober and a bible believing Christian. I couldn't have.done it without Jesus! AMEN!

  3. Thank you , I know someone very dear to me struggling with addition. He has ask for help. I have sent some of your videos to him and he said it read his mind and helped. Perfect timing! I really think this one will help him so much! Thanks Pastor.

  4. i am 31-year-old i am a meth addict my wife could not stop me my mom & dad could not stop me! !!!
    i was so lost in the world ..
    my wife was able to sit me down. and show me this vide i started crying like a baby. ..

    pastor i just wanted to let you know you have saved my life!!

  5. Yeah but bout what about those of us who don't need a crutch y'all live a horrible life and then you turn to god what the hell I'm lived a nice life I've been nice to people I haven't spent my time being addicted to anything I don't need magic sky daddy you do keeping to you