Howard-John Wesley | – February 1, 2015 "Forgiving What You Can't Forget Part I" Pastor Howard-John Wesley

Series: Forgiving What You Can’t Forget Part I
8:00 a.m. Sermon Only
Acts 15: 36-40

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  1. We live in SC and recently discovered Alfred Street Sermons. We always enjoy how Pastor Wesley teaches from the word of God and with passages that have not been used to teach a familiar subject. We watched parts 1 & 2 and need a simple clarification. I'm clear, because you pointed out that between Acts 13 & 16, Paul and Barnabas didn't reconcile. Yet they are still Christians who were effective at winning souls and building the church. Paul, near the end of his life, reconciled with Mark. After we watched this as a family. My husband, influenced by his mother sitting next to him, received the anointing oil from her. She wanted to force reconciliation and told him to rub anointing oil on both hands of me, my teens, and their cousin who just met her and doesn't attend a church that does this. I told him to skip her but his mom insisted that he rub oil on her too. Then she read a whole chapter from 1st Corinthians. Things were already TENSE, once we saw the title of the sermon that my husband put on the projector screen. Tensions increased to the point that the best that I could do is be quiet than to say what was really on my mind. As a pastor, have you ever put anointing oil on someone who didn't want to be anointed or reconciled? I clearly said before they brought out the anointing oil that some relationships need time, and some don't reconcile. Yet, both tried to force reconciliation. I'm sure that all of my in-laws have told her that I have the devil in me and that she needed to anoint the whole house. Actually, what we need is for her to fly back to Louisville, KY. By day 7 of her 14 day visit, I asked my husband if she could return early, because our teens and I were going crazy. He refused, so we have been staying out of our house to avoid her. HELP!!!!

  2. I disagree…. when you forgive someone, you accept them as if the offense was never there… if Christ can forgive us and never hold it over our heads in the “back of his mind” per se, then what gives us the right to do that? True forgiveness comes with acceptance.

  3. I struggle with forgiveness! I have listened to all 4 sermons, over & over..Amen !! And it taught me something about myself. I began to stop speaking of the offence, so that I could truly forgive the offender.And It's ok to forgive and not be in a relationship with the person any more
    . Amen!!

  4. Only halfway through and this sermon is already hitting home for me. "Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation." That touched me deeply because I have always been torn between if I would be frowned upon if I choose to forgive but not want to restore the relationship, but this sermon definitely cleared up a lot of my misunderstandings.

  5. Praise God for blessing you and everybody who’s affected by it with that great message. Keep doing His work. Keep using the gifts and talents He gave you and keep remaining humble and confident with them. God bless you.