Howard-John Wesley | – February 22, 2014 "Frenemies" Pastor Howard-John Wesley

6:00 p.m. Saturday Evening Service Sermon Only
Acts 28: 1-6

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  1. amen please prayer partners please keep me jamilet and heidi in prayer I am going through a custody fight after 16yrs.I am going through dcfs and high waters.I have no $for legal represent ation but I need encourager and prayer asap.

  2. If you only Knew pastor how much you are speaking to me in this season of my life. God has taken 20 years of friendships from me recently because he said They don't know who you are. I couldn't believe it. And God is changing my click to kingdom builders. thank you so much for your message.

  3. Coworkers good example of this title they fake asking to chill with u outside work to learn how to destroy u, never chill outside work with coworkers it's a trap, they get u drinking film it, some folks only get close to u to harm u my coworkers great example or give e me a job to boss u around and brag that they gave u a job blacks need help in jealousy and causing harm to their own race cartels hang ar my job doing blood sacrifice crimes to be even at the jobs large criminal network rent rooms doing hacking, intimidation trigger games, stalking , bio hacking, using drones brutal harassment techniques done well organized military hand codes trigger words used , residence inn Hoover felony gangs doing evil stuff ,trafficking, stalking, hacking,

  4. I'm crying right now. This sermon has moved my spirit. Thank you Pastor Howard-John Wesley for putting in words and quoting scripture what God spoke through the Holy Spirit to me. I thank the Almighty, the Most High, the one and only God for all the orchastrated situations to teach me HIS WORD which is perfection and like nothing else.

  5. Right now at sister house around her fake friends who are working for FBI, who targeting me brutal in Birmingham Alabama, pray God keep heal me from being hit by FBI , using poisoning chemicals on me none stop