International House of Prayer | – NOW with Mike Bickle | Episode 3 | Jesus in Red Garments

The Lord will awaken His compromised church before Jesus returns, Mike Bickle says, and the coronavirus is just the start of the coming global shakings. Believers will proclaim the unpopular truths such as “the Jesus in red garments” described in Isaiah 63 in the generation before the second coming. Watch Mike Bickle discuss this with David [support us] /> Get Mike’s handout here: [support us]

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International House of Prayer International House of Prayer. Through multiple weekly uploads and a 24/7 live stream, our Channel provides music, teaching, and promotional content for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. IHOPKC is a Christian missions base centered around a 24/7 prayer room that has Live prayer with the worship around the clock for the last 20 years. Find out more at 3535 E. Red Bridge Road Kansas City, Missouri 64137 Phone (816) 763-0200

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  1. Global movements? The earth is flat. Don't scoff at this please. Condemnation before investigation is indoctrination and ignorance. Become awakened during this time, He is giving you time to discover the Great Deception that has been at play for centuries. Yes, centuries. Begin your journey down the rabbit hole with the Archon Invasion by Rob Skiba…

  2. Isaiah 63 love it white red on the cross risen healing suffering love every bit of Jesus no matter what Hes amazing. cant wait for that day cant wait for His appearance cant wait for His government come Jesus come

  3. This is God's judgement against America's to it's people that are disfavored as well, not just the issue of abortion, and same-sex marriages. The ghetto of our nation testify to the indifference of American to some of it's citizens. America's prisons testify to it's injustice to it's citizen of color as well.

  4. Remember God's judgment with the flood. What he did with Sodem and Gamora. He is the just one he's coming riding on the clouds wielding His sword. Our champion he rose from the dead has the keys of life and death from the evil one. He is our holy judge anania and Sophira who preaches that one !!!!? Forgive my spelling
    Such good sessions. It always encourages little insignificant me from nowhere reads Isaiah 26 and someone like you mentions it too , if we seek we will find and listen we will hear . He ho has ears from revelations
    Thank you blessings

  5. Thank you Mike for preaching "that part of His personality" , we desperately need His truth spoken. I just re-found you after many years- Feb. 2nd 1990 at the Prophets Conference in Baltimore to be exact.You spoke the 1st night on "Isaac". I was there at that 4 day conference where Paul Cain called out a father who prayed for his son,and his son was brought back to him that day at the conference, as well as prophesied over the son. After the conference was over in the back room with John Wimber, Bob Jones, and some others he said that that thing that happened between the father and son was the Malachi 4:6 scripture beginning to be fulfilled as well as something else to do with John the Baptist calling people in. I'm curious if you were in that back room that day?