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  1. Wow! Thank you Pastor Jerry! This is a confirmation, as the same was on my heart this morning and I prayed to God that those who are close to me, both friends and relatives, that I have spoken to about The Lord and the end-time prophecies being played out right before our eyes, realize that what I have been saying to them is not crazy talk, and that if I am to be used further to lead them to the truth of The Gospel, that He guide me in doing so! Praise God!!

  2. Thought this might bless you. I wrote it between 2000-2003 and recorded it in 2004. You can hear it at my channel.

    Resurrection Power (Let it Rain) by Jack Helser

    Heart in hand – a father prays

    For a son – who’s gone astray

    Laying siege – to God’s throne

    One request “Lord, bring him home”

    And he waits – he waits

    On her knees – a woman crawls

    Final hope – she’s given all

    Desperately – through crowds of men

    Reaching out to touch His hem

    And she prays – she prays

    Slumbering saints with carnal minds

    Amazing grace but still they’re blind

    Touched by God then led away

    Stripped and bound – religion’s prey

    And they lie – in her grave

    In the distance – a rumbling sound

    Flash of light – advancing clouds

    Swirling winds – the scent of rain

    Barren lands made green again

    Let it rain – let it rain

    He reigns – He reigns (with)

    Resurrection power

    From the throne of God

    He's calling forth the dead

    In this final hour

    Let it rain – let it rain (repeat and fade)

  3. Thank you for these words of encouragement right now.. much needed . We had an earth quake here in Ma. last weekend…a 4.2… this is highly unusual. I have been hearing the lord for 6 years now and I often wondered why me?? .I was not even a believer, he made me one .So many many signs ..messages.It was only after I started reading the bible I knew why. I am praying hard right now to not have fear, it is a struggle for me.

  4. WOW! This is amazing!
    The Lord gave me this same Psalm a few days ago! And I got stuck on vs 23 to 24. I was just praying it over and over to God and really asked Him to do that. I started feeling so calm and and at peace.
    Then He gave me a dream (actually, I'm not sure which came first, but both happened during this past week), but now that I'm listening to you, I realize that the dream is tied to the Psalm.
    Thank you, brother Jerry! I believe that the Lord is speaking to me through you!

    The dream I had was as follows:
    There was a huge dam and the floodgates were about to burst open. There was a well-known YouTube preacher preaching about these floodgates that were about to give way to the dam to come out. Just above the dam, there was a bridge and on the bridge, there was a man standing. I could see a lot of hurt and sadness on his face. It was so intense that I felt it with him and would do anything to save him, because he was about to jump into the "valley" that the dam would be released in. I understood that the reason he was so sad, was because he was SEEMINGLY hurt either by God or by God's children. I also understood that him wanting to jump into this valley, means he's giving up on God and wants to go back into the world and return to his old life, because he felt betrayed and that his efforts aren't amounting to anything.
    I knew that once he would jump into the valley, the floodgates would burst open and God's wrath would be released. I ran up to him and somehow persuaded him not to jump into the world. I was surprised at how easy it was. He walked into a nearby building to me which I perceived as a place of safety.
    By the way, I came out of the building…. I think I saw him from within the building. It looked something like an airport or something like that. (Now that I think about it, it makes sense – waiting for the rapture flight). Anyway, so when I brought him back inside with me, he sat down next to a lady and to my surprise, it was his wife. I'm not sure exactly what this means, but I had some encounter with her in the dream as well, but I don't remember that part of the dream. I just know it wasn't something positive… Like she was crying or had doubts or something, but when the two of them were reunited, it was almost like nothing of this had ever happened. For some reason, when I learnt that they were married, it was like a MIRACLE to me. It had some significance in the dream, but I don't know what… So I bowed down with my face flat on the floor (I still remember it feeling like carpet burn on my forehead hahaha) and worshiped God.
    Let me just add that I hardly remember my dreams unless they really mean something! And the fact that I remember so much of this dream, is really something different!
    God bless you, dear brother!
    Your videos are always a blessing to me!
    Much love in Christ.

    EDIT: I forgot to add, when I asked Jesus what He would like us to do until He returns, He took me to the Sermon on the Mount in Luke. I thought to myself this can't be it, because I thought He would point me to a Scripture about sounding the alarm or something, but He took me to the Sermon on the Mount a second time. This time, the one in Matthew. (My favourite passage in the Bible, by the way). Then I got it… He want us to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth until that glorious day!

  5. Sometimes it seems like the Spirit of God will flash an account of the scriptures from our memory when we hear something. This reminds me so much of Paul, before he was Paul. We know the Jews wanted to believe Jesus was going to defeat the Roman government, but that wasn't the plan for that time. Paul sincerely believed he was being righteous, he was determined to "help" God bring these believers who weren't obeying the law as Paul saw it. Jesus knew Paul {Saul} was sincere, but he "was kicking against the goads". Stern and determined, he was going to force his beliefs even if it meant people were going to die for heresy. It's easy to look back and wonder "why didn't they know Jesus was going to bring salvation, not defeat the roman government?" Because it's what THEY wanted, confirmation bias. They saw through the filter of what they wanted Jesus to do. Is it possible we are doing the same thing? Maybe our Father has a plan for a huge awakening, like Nineveh, where people do want repentance. Not all will, of course. But God is doing a mighty work in our land. We need to praise God and have joy in Him, and stop throwing a negative shade on everything. People perish without a vision. See what He is doing! We've all been trying so hard to focus on the rapture but it obviously wasn't God's plan yet, He is doing miraculous things that are waking people up and they are seeing how corrupt the world is, and people want to repent of it!

  6. I'm in agreement with you, and asked to be found/searched… yep, on board, yes sir, and amen. Uh-huh…. feed the fish. Okay. A largemouth bass, you say. Interesting fish: carnivorous, domineering… will wipe out the entire small fish community and then starve, if not hindered by weeds. Narcissistic, sadistic, sociopathic… fish. I have at least two. Would not want to hinder God in redeeming His fish and would rejoice exceedingly, but I don't want them. So, I'm not going to tell Him what I won't do… it is not my will, but I choose His will. Whatever that may be. That said, I've stood with fist before and not falling for that, but I do keep having to unmake a fist at the idea. And, refrain from growing as I feel myself bristle. Exhale

  7. I have been praying for my 3 children who are all lost adults…it gets hard when they reject you and ignore because of your beliefs. I cry for them all the time but mostly because of the pain of missing them and wanting to be apart of their lives. I really needed to hear this Brother Jerry, I have felt so hopeless about them lately. Thanks for sharing this message and your dreams. ~Shalom

  8. Wow that's what I been praying since a week before the lockdown I heard a distinct audible voice say Vonda Berryman I'm at the door, I hit my knees like never before I'm always feeling penance asking for penance search my heart out and things come to remembering and I repent of it.
    Bless you PASTOR Jerry Toney.
    All Glory be to God JESUS CHRIST

  9. Wow that's what I been praying since a week before the lockdown I heard a distinct audible voice say Vonda Berryman I'm at the door, I hit my knees like never before I'm always feeling penance asking for penance search my heart out and things come to remembering and I repent of it.
    Bless you PASTOR Jerry Toney.
    All Glory be to God JESUS CHRIST

  10. Pastor Jerry Toney three of us in my family have had similar dreams water and flooding but not a disaster it's not a bad feeling we all discussed my younger brother dreamt a river went through his yard,my daughter dreamt about a flood at my dads it came up to the porch,I dreamt the earth was opened and an old white car I had my grandson was in it but I got him before the car washed into the earth. Alot of dreams from the Lord. I just dont speak about it. Thank you JESUS all the Glory be to God.