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John Bevere John Bevere is an international speaker and best-selling author known for his bold and uncompromising approach to God’s Word. John and his wife Lisa are the founders of Messenger International—a ministry dedicated to equipping and discipling the nations. John Bevere

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  1. I like John Bevere but i don't agree that faithful is multiply. faithful is using what God has given you and you will multiply. Larry wasn't maintaining, Larry buried his talent, he didn't use his talent.
    the word talent derives from the meaning to bear, bring forth. fruitful also means to bear, bring forth, so "be fruitful and multiply" means to use (bear, and bring forth) what you have been given and it will multiply. what will multiply…the fruit of your talent or gift given to you. the extra that Ashley (5) and Dave (2) got was the fruit of their labour for using their talent/gift/skill/character…so being faithful is about being steadfast, reliable, true, devoted and trustworthy with what God has given you, not like Larry. Genesis says "God blessed them saying be fruitful, and multiply…it wasn't a command, it was a blessing, so if you are fruitful then you will multiply.
    so God was saying in Matthew well done for being fruitful, multiplication is the evidence of your faithfulness. Now i will bless you with more…give greater authority.
    Gracious is our Awesome God.