Joyce Meyer  | – The Storms of Life | Natalie Grant's Story

Natalie Grant has been through many storms in her life; abuse, bulimia and cancer. God has helped her all along the way. Watch as she inspires you about your own breakthrough.

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About The Author

Joyce Meyer Ministries Joyce Meyer Ministries is called to share the Gospel and extend the love of Christ, and is built on a foundation of faith, integrity and dedicated supporters who share this call. Through Joyce’s teachings, God has provided opportunities to meet the needs of the suffering and bring the Gospel in a practical way. Her passion to help hurting people every day is foundational to the vision of Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. These outreaches around the globe include feeding programs, medical care, homes for orphans, and programs combatting human trafficking. Dave and Joyce Meyer, who’ve been in ministry for more than 40 years, founded Joyce Meyer Ministries in 1987 as a Christian, non-profit organization that is financially supported by the contributions of its friends and partners. Joyce Meyer Ministries For more information on Joyce Meyer Ministries visit:

Comment (45)

  1. Thank for ur testimony . I needed to hear this more than u will ever know. God goodness does not say that he has to do such & such for me. It is truly aboutGod & not me. Even if he does or does not, my trust & hope is in JESUS

  2. I haad seen her once I believe…and last night again (not an accident of course..) I just listened to her worship song I went further than the song.. I lsitened to the interview.

    I thank God for her coming into my life today as she did. So clear, so true, so gifted, so divinely used for His Glory, so commiited to our God and Father above.

    How can we not want to leaarn more about Him every day? How can this JUST NOT be the best news ever?

    I assume the answer is that the devil snuffs our candles of hope out cause thats why hes around…..

    and Natalie said it best where she speaks abt heR "wrong thoughts" time of life. Stickers, postits, notes everywhere around her with the TRUTH OF GODS WORD. THE WAR isnt physical/carnal. Its SPIRITUAL. WE MUST know who the enemy IS. (I Peter 5)
    And our work is about DISCIPLINING the whole mess inside our head. (EPH 6)
    Ask for help? YEs we can. From the HOLY SPIIRIT. And thru prayer. And …and…and… WE HAVE GOT IT ALL! AMEN!! PRAISE our HOLY FATHER WHO SEES KNOWS AND DOES ALL!!

  3. Boys in Bible College have not submitted fully to Christ and they are just as lust driven as the world. Girls should not marry them until they’ve grown up in the Lord.

  4. What a trooper. I had just graduated high school when I first discovered her music, (2003) and I actually had to warm up to getting those first couple albums that I really started listening to. I was battling depression myself when I bought Awaken at Target in late 2005. Natalie is incredibly talented, but she shines the most on her Stronger album, even though she's not using the full extent of her vocal chords. First time I heard Finally Home, I got goosebumps.

  5. Christians…PLEASE stop asking God to “not take you”. God DOES NOT take us…especially by disease. WHY would He send His son, and let Him be beat/tortured/suffer a horrible death to cleanse us/be our advocate and take our sickness, if this SAME God takes us by sickness??? It makes no sense. There were instances in the Old Testament of God wiping people out…that was BEFORE Jesus PAID for our sin/sickness/penalty. We as parents would never put a sickness or disease on our own children and then cause them to die (at least loving parents would not). So, saying God would do that, is saying we are more loving than Him. This is obviously a trigger point for me. PLEASE STOP BLAMING GOD for the works of HELL.

  6. ❤️ this video gives me hope that Jesus Christ still can give me victory and that It was ok that I always wanted approvals from those I loved cause Jesus forgives me and he is here for me