Kathryn Kuhlman | – Kathryn Kuhlman: SLOW DOWN // What Happens When You Don't Rest?

Why did miss Kuhlman get irritated so quickly? And why did prophet Elijah wanted to die? Learn about the importance of rest!

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Tony Francis In a nutshell: Writer, comedian, multimedia engineer & prophetic minister. My name is Tony Francis from Lebanon – Middle East. I am grounded in the scriptures and have a license degree in biblical studies from MTI, school of ministry and a certificate in EPL (effective personal leadership) from LMI and I am part of ALC church. I love theology, but without experience, it always sounded lifeless to me. When I started experiencing the prophetic years ago, I was forever changed. The prophetic made Jesus so real to me and in the world around me. I had authored many books and am the founder of Healed Nations Ministries. On 27 September 2020 I've become the director of the prophetic department of the webchurch of apostle Patricia King. Visit my online store and use promocode: DISCOUNT25 for a 25% on all my items. God bless you! Store address: https://teespring.com/stores/tonyfrancis

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  1. Ooh Yes, We indeed need to slow down at times to let God's perfect will be done. I love this Mighty prophet of God. After slaughtering 450 prophets of doom/Baal, he dared ran away from one woman; he was exhausted and needed rest( to slow down as the General puts it)at the same time, it shows how WICKED and EVIL Jezebel was.

    Obey God & rest the 7th day its a command. Kathryn you are a transgressor of Gods holy law.
    You can present your case to God & He will present His case to you & give you your wages. You are deceiving people.
    Those who would have the seal of God in their foreheads must keep the Sabbath of the fourth commandment.—The S.D.A. Bible Commentary 7:970 (1899). LDE 220.2
    True observance of the Sabbath is the sign of loyalty to God.—The S.D.A. Bible Commentary 7:981 (1899). LDE 220.3

    The fourth commandment alone of all the ten contains the seal of the great Lawgiver, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.—Testimonies for the Church 6:350(1900). LDE 220.4

    The observance of the Lord’s memorial, the Sabbath instituted in Eden, the seventh-day Sabbath, is the test of our loyalty to God.—Letter 94, 1900. LDE 220.5

    A mark is placed upon every one of God’s people, just as verily as a mark was placed over the doors of the Hebrew dwellings to preserve the people from the general ruin. God declares, “I gave them My sabbaths, to be a sign between Me and them, that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them” [Ezekiel 20:12].—The S.D.A.Bible Commentary 7:969 (1900). LDE 220.6

    What the Mark of the Beast Is

    John was called to behold a people distinct from those who worship the beast or his image by keeping the first day of the week.The observance of this day is the mark of the beast.—Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, 133 (1898). LDE 223.4

    The mark of the beast is the papal sabbath.—Evangelism, 234(1899). LDE 224.1

    When the test comes, it will be clearly shown what the mark of the beast is. It is the keeping of Sunday.—The S.D.A. Bible Commentary 7:980 (1900). LDE 224.2

    The sign, or seal, of God is revealed in the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath, the Lord’s memorial of creation…. The mark of the beast is the opposite of this—the observance of the first day of the week.—Testimonies for the Church 8:117(1904). LDE 224.3

    “He causeth all, both small and great, … to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads” (Revelation 13:16).Not only are men not to work with their hands on Sunday, but with their minds are they to acknowledge Sunday as the Sabbath.—Special Testimony to Battle Creek Church, 6, 7(1897). LDE 224.4