Louie Giglio | – Following Jesus in the Unknown – Sadie Rob Huff

What is it like to follow Jesus even when fear clouds our vision of Him? Sadie Rob Huff encourages us and shares her own story of doing just [support us] /> —
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  1. The precious Word of God, that sounds from the sublime Throne of the LORD and Redeemer Jesus, gives us an absolute prohibition for women preaching ––>1st Cor. 14:34-37 and 1st This. 2:11-14 !! Why do you not obey the Lord’s commandments? Why??? How can you as a woman teach men with the authority of the Bible, when this highest divine authority says NO, it’s not allowed?? Please, go and repent from this openly celebrated sin, and make a new begin with your Savior Jesus!! Otherwise you will be judget & condemned by the LORD.

  2. 2 pages of notes off this sermon, I don't even get that much out of school in 20 minutes. That should speak volumes on how much more important this is and how influential Sadie, and the Word really is.

  3. This had been sitting in playlist of mine for weeks, telling myself I'll watch it.
    This last past year has been very hard because I finally came to the realization that I am honest to God terrified of the future. When people ask me "what are your dreams, aspirations? Where do you see yourself in ten, five, next year?" I can never answer honestly because I don't know. And after many days of prayer, the path to go was made clear but I couldn't comprehend the plan He set for me, and today I finally watch it. As I cried earlier today in prayer, I finally understand he's telling me to just trust Him, and to stop overthinking, and just trust Him. Thank you Lord for everything ❤

  4. All though she is a good speaker, I’m pretty sure Jesus teaches against women preaching or teaching men. She should keep this to a small group study setting. She may have good understanding but again she’s going against Gods word.

  5. Watching this months after it was recorded is so cool because, with hindsight, it’s so awesome that God was preparing everyone who heard this message to view 2020 as a year of faith&action rather than vision. With all of the things that have happened in 2020 that none of us could have guessed, it’s amazing to see God was/is preparing people for it!!

  6. Atheism and evolution are increasing , and part is because we see people like Sadie talking about God and yet dressing like the world in order to be relevant … Today´s christian need to wake up

  7. Sadie is such a light for the younger generation. I'm 16 and this year, watching her sermons and listening to her podcast and just what seeing what God is doing through her, has taken my faith to a whole other level.