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When you are fighting the battle of your mind, how do you take captive your thoughts? What do you say to yourself each morning, and how do you go about your day? In this message from Pastor Louie Giglio, we learn about seven supernatural thoughts that lead us to win the battle of our [support us] /> —
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Comment (31)

  1. This message was so needed for me! Thank you Pastor Louie for your faithfulness and willingness to serve the Church… you are making such a difference in people’s lives by pointing them to Jesus!

  2. Thank you Father for Pastor Louie speaking the truth in love to us. As Christ-followers, we must be disciples, disciplined ones, pleasing you with our thoughts and actions, to bring you glory and others to Jesus.

  3. I love that you are reading from an actual Bible. I know the iPad or tablet must be easier to preach from…but, there sure is something to be said about watching a preacher leaf through its pages.

  4. tithing puts you under the CURSE of the law galatians 3-10…14 , robert breaker has a good teaching on youtube about tithing , watch it ,it is a life changer , don,t ruin your life tithing , it is a good teaching anyone can understand it .

  5. Praise God for this powerful and wonderful message! Thank you for sharing this beautiful. I'm excited for what's gonna happen after "planting" these thoughts into the garden of my mind everyday. God bless and more power to you, Pastor Louie and Passion City Church! <3