Michael Todd | – Rip Up Your List // (Part 1) Relationship Goals Reloaded (Michael Todd)

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  2. This message was for me. I have ripped off my list I had made on my own. I am in bottom. I believe I am here so that God wants me to rebuild my relationship with Him. 2yrs ago I met a girl. She was heartbroken and was there for her and since we she had heartbroken me before. I never repaid back evil for evil. I am type don't judge people by their past mistakes. We stayed together for 2yrs and all plans to officiate our marriage were under place according to African culture. Unfortunately we started having misunderstandings to extend we had separate. I did reach our try salvage the relationship but things only got thicker and in process she and her friend accused me of assault and was arrested and parted with some to compensate them. Friends I started feeling suicidal coz couldn't imagine person we had slept together same bed for 2hrs could take me to police. The betrayal was much. Anger was uncontrollable. She even demanded I pay for counseling and glasses for eyes coz she claimed I hurt her eyes yet even when we're living together she always wanted glasses but didn't have money. In process, I lost my job. I am now in deep. I allowed her in my life and caused me much pain and even a job. When she came evrythg for me was OK. My relationship with God was good and I was serving God and God was faithful to me. Since the girl came to my life, my relationship with God I do admit drifted away. When I listen to this message, All I want is build my relationship God and I have ripped everything I had made on my own. Let God's will and purpose prevail in my life. Sending my Love to others all the way from Kenya.