Miles McPherson | – Rock Church – Breaking the Silence on Mental Illness

In this message, Pastor Miles addresses those who suffer silently from depression and mental illness. He encourages us all to trust God with our problems and reach out to the help that God has available for us.

Rock Church is one of San Diego¹s largest churches. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Miles McPherson, former NFL player, the Rock¹s vision is to establish Pervasive Hope throughout San Diego and the world and now has multiple campuses across San Diego county.

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Rock Church The Rock Church is San Diego’s largest church and the 19th largest church in the United States, according to Outreach Magazine's 2014 "100 Largest Churches in America" report. Pastor Miles McPherson, a former NFL player, started Rock Church in 2000.Rock Church Over 15,000 people attend the Rock’s Sunday services across multiple campuses. Rock Church, 2277 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106

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  1. You people are the cause of gas lighting and mental health problems. You hypocrites. You are involved with the MOB and government. You killed these people. May God have mercy on your souls rock church you brood of vipers!!!

  2. I am one of the carriers who is carrying her son onto the roof top and lowering him down before Jesus to get healing from being diagnosed with schizophrenia. I was given this scripture few months ago but let the scripture slip away from my thoughts till l listened to this. Lord hear my prayer. Pray for my son and l

  3. Thank you Miles. Please Pray Pray Pray for me. I am so so so Sick. major depression & Anxiety and no meds. works. I have no will to live like this. I am slowly dying from anorexia not because i think i'm fat I no I'm bones lost 25 pounds in 10 months I can't eat. MY Jehovah's Witness family has disassociated me, even restraint orders are on me never to see my 5 grandchildren as long as i live says my Daughter. THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE PHOTO IS BELLA who lived with me for 7 years – PLEASE IN MY MEMORY WATCH The video of me and Bella Titled Bella & Grandma Lisa in my Lika Souza Channel I said The forgiveness prayer at the end of your video I'm Still crying, I can't LIVE WITHOUT HER.

  4. When I was diagnosed with bipolar depression I expected people to understand and have sympathy or even empathy and when I feel really at my lowest I dont have the motivation to take care of myself and part of not caring for yourself is feeling like your medicine isnt helping because your still sad so you stop taking your medicine and you decide to give into the thoughts in your head telling yourself your not good enough…. and when your surrounded by people who only relate and respond to the world…. they wont understand, they will overlook your mental illness and just label you a bad person, and unworthy person…. and because you already believe those things about yourself they just give you confirmation that you dont matter…… I realized how much I not only need God but how much I need people in my life who are chasing after God. I stepped away from church because I had a bad experience with church family and for so long I let that experience take me away from God. I live in Atlanta and I am looking for a church home.

  5. Amen pastor!!!
    Thank you very much for sharing this powerful message!!!!
    I'm really sorry for your loss in the church!… wishing his family comfort and strength!
    And thank you very much for the "ABC" of salvation!!! I've often asked myself, what should I pray with a person who wants to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior… but I think that with this acronym I'll remember what to say with the person so that they can be saved!!!:DDDD
    Once again! Thank you very much!!!:DDDD
    See you in heaven!;) but I hope to meet you one day here on earth as well;) or on a flight somewhere;p hahahahaaha (technically in heaven again;) hahahah

  6. Brothers and Sisters, The demon's know their time is SHORT!!!! SO, they will walk about to seek someone to devour. We are told to be sober, to be vigilant, to be on the alert. And to submit to the Lord, and resist him, firm in your faith, and to put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD, SO YOU'LL BE ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THE SCHEMES OF THE DEVIL. Please read and study Ephesians 6: 10–20 and 1 Peter 5: 8–11. I'm not opposed to medication, but God has provided His spiritual warfare weapons for His children to put into practice NOW. Also Pastor Chip Ingram the Invisible war series 101, 102, 103,…..
    Also, I too have suffered thoughts that are not mine, and voices in my ears. My story may enlighten you. Listen at: Hearing Voices: Real Help and Understanding
    Praying for you all, with love and compassion, Carol

  7. Speaking from C-bad, NM. I've been suffering from Bipolar type1 and anxiety attacks (worsening) since 2000. Presently I've been under attack from the enemy like never before and I cry out to Jesus. I feel I'm just holding on to the side of the boat and i'm in the water. It hurts so badly (physically as well as mentally) during some of the panic attacks I just want to die, but I cry out to Jesus and I keep on. Oh Jesus! Please come for us now!

  8. Hey RCA

    You got me pretty bad with your RCA Bipolar. Turns out it's fake. Any amount of placebo combinations will fail & I'm sure you think RCA is solution. Twice into your theater, kidnapped against my will, I fee stupid, butt i do believe that your theater would fool anybody 4A real medical hospital. This is the devil & you force your RCA placebo upon me like high school bully

    There is no brand new day 4 me, especially on medicare

    May real God have mercy on your soul, because Federal Bureau of Investigation will have none

  9. Nobody wants to get mad helping others. Everybody in this world thinks only about him/herself (or, to some extent, their family).Nice speech, but to this day I’ve yet to find a preacher who proposes something people are or may be willing to do.

  10. This happened before I started attending The Rock, so I never met the man who ended his life. What really resonates with me is Pastor Miles desire to make The Rock a place where people can trust God and not suffer in silence.

    Even today, most of the people I pray with there are not involved in any time of church family like a small group bible study. We aren’t meant to do life alone, so reach out if you need help.

  11. We sufer a lot and we know Jesus loves us…The problem is we are missing a sustance quimical invalance in our brain the makes us feeling horrible, thas why we need medicine and support and been listening don’t tell us what to do because we feal missundertending and thas why people whit depression insole we don’t feal support and nobody understands us God bless you all I’m cristian 12 years ego and sick since 2010 and alive and helping others whit the word of God yo feal better whit mental illness and praying for them too

  12. People who are saying that suicide is a sin and that means Will will be going to hell. Please read my thoughts below.

    What you are saying is that the perfect sacrifice of Jesus is not powerful enough to cover someone who commits the sin of suicide? Because then you basically have a works based understanding of salvation. What if the day I die I am cursing someone in traffic and have a car accident and die? Do I go to hell because I called the other driver an idiot? Or because Jesus lived a perfect life and is the only holiness that Father God will accept I will be accepted by God into heaven for eternity? Jesus said cursing someone is the same as murder.

    Secondly as someone has pointed out taking one's own life when suffering from a mental illness is part of a disease. I agree its similar to cerebral palsy as it's like a disability of sorts. When someone has cancer and they try radiation and chemo and surgery and get a bit better but aren't fully cured its extremely demoralizing. Then when they just cant take it anymore and refuse further treatment so they can just die in peace after fighting for so long. Is that a sin?

    Even if we believe in healing which I do, Jesus and the disciples didn't condemn sick people for the hopelessness they feel around their sickness. Like the epileptic boy in Matthew 17. He threw himself in fire when having a seizure. Jesus didn't tell him he was sinful and didn't value his life. He was sick. He actually rebuked his disciples for not having faith to heal the boy. The same with cancer. If there is a church member or family member who has faith for healing then great. But the person suffering with cancer barely has faith to brush their teeth that morning.

    Yes what Judas did committing suicide was a sin. But he had not placed his faith in Jesus yet. Did you know Elijah and Job also asked God to die. They were suicidal. And God did not rebuke them.

    Most people suffering with depression get helped by medication but its definitely not a perfect solution. Most people get only slightly better with meds. I am suffering with depression now for 4 months and the meds help me feel from a 30/100 to a 45/100. Still not great. From my experience and the research out there the most other helpful things are:
    1) Physical aspect (improve sleep, eat healthy, anti-depressant meds to fix the chemical imbalance, do more exercise, reduce stressful situations)
    2) Social aspect: (need support and love from empathetic, kind people to help them heal: cell groups, support groups, family and friends who can listen and pray for them)
    3) Emotional aspect: (Psychotherapy helps tremendously to understand the illness and some root issues from childhood and the effect of current traumas or unprocessed grief. Counselling with church counsellors also helps.)
    4) Spiritual aspect: (Yes depression definitely has a spiritual element and this needs to be addressed. prayer, worship, meditation, biblical truth and deliverance all help people with mental illness)

    It's a complex illness that is multifactorial need a multifaceted approach to healing.

    Many who commit suicide I can guarentee were only given 1 or 2 of the options above to help heal them.

    I have only started healing from my depression by engaging in all 4 areas of help and health.

    Hope this helps you understanding the complexity of this disease.

    Christianity & Depression: Dr Aaron Kheriaty

    57 min talk by a Christian Psychiatrist where he explains that depression is not purely a spiritual or physical or emotional reality but a combination of all 3. Very helpful to grow our understanding of this complex disease

  13. I go see my doctor and take medications. This has saved my life. The church I was from demonized me for my illness. I don’t go to church anymore. I love Jesus but I suffer from church trauma. I pray that the church educates itself about this illness. Why be so spiritual minded that you’re not earthly good. Wake up people. The brain is an organ that is broken in need of medications. I say the hell with the stigma. I go get my help for myself. I don’t have false pride and I’m not in denial. I accept and admit my mental illness. I have the awareness and knowledge of my illness. I say to anyone if you’re depressed or anxious go get help. God bless you.

  14. You don’t “commit or choose suicide. The brain loses all capability of finding a coping mechanism. It’s chemical and biological. They don’t “choose” suicide. SUICIDE is there last attempt to LIVE. God Bless us all.

  15. Hi my name is Pauline.  32 years ago I was diagnosed with mental illness.  It was hard for me to accept this.  The doctor told me that I would have to be on medication the rest of my life.  I prayed constantly to God about this.  I taught that I must have sin in my life.  I asked God to search me and I also searched my own life, but I could not see any sin.  I came off the medication many times, just to have the doctors put be back on the medication.  To date, I am still on the medication.  However, I have decided to trust God and live for HIM and do what ever work HE has for me to do.  I am asking for prayer.  I feel in my heart that God wants me to go back into the hospital and lead an exercise class for other people with mental illness.  I do believe also, that I am working "undercover" to bring the gospel to medical professionals in that hospital.  Thank you for your prayers.

  16. My sister was abused by "my dad" , and actively abusing my sister. While being a Pastor. This has caused alot of issues with me. I battle w self harm now. The physical abuse has stopped bit they're is still manipulation and belittling of my emotemotions. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone and I'm crazy. Any advice would be helpful.

  17. We suffer depression bcos well want something but we cannot have it, if
    only we think that everything went see we touch we cannot bring when we die,, as a single mother I'm the only one working for the education of my 5kids,, pay rent,school fees,daily allowances, I'm also the only one supporting my mother,, but thanks God that He carry all my problems so I sleep peacefully bcos I know that Jesus is my carrier,,

  18. Try AMare GLOBEL. It's a all natural mental wellness supplement company. It can fix any mental health issue. It's a all natural mental wellness supplement company. Nothing compares to it. Better then medication

  19. Thank you for being Gentle with us Pastor. I pray more ministers and Pastors incorporate being kind to the congregations and members in a manner that is nourishing for the Spirit; even behind people's backs. Peace and Blessings. Thanks Jesus for still believing in me and showing up to re"mind" us all that we are your eternally.