Moving Mountains | – Why Doesn't God Always tell Us About his Plans for our Life and Which Way to Go Next

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Comment (47)

  1. I'm so thankful for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit I was a rough one growing up I went through trials and hard times
    But when the Holy Spirit stepped in I couldn't run or hide all I could do was to SURRENDERED and my life hasn't been the same I'm older now looking back I now realize that God was watching over me and I'm so THANKFUL that he did


  2. Thank you for this great encouraging video.It’s so good to know that God has a plan for me, even into the very distant future I am so loved by Him. Sometimes I tend to forget, but He does not. All praise and glory to Him forever and ever!

  3. I Love My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and My Father God Almighty in Heaven. I ask for prayers. I struggle with sin. I ask for forgiveness but then find myself messing up again. I am being attack by the adversary because he knows his time is short. Please pray for my mother. She suffers with worry. Constant worry. I pray for her to find Faith and to Trust in The Lord. God Bless you All. May you all find peace.

  4. I don't agree that God doesn't show us His plans. It goes against everything in the bible. In the ot God spoke directly to His prophets. In the not the Holy Spirit directs us every step of the way.

  5. I believe God sets limits to our free will. God is a loving protective parent. I guess not knowing the will of God for our lives keeps us sane and grounded for today. We need to live one day at a time. It’s best not to know everything this way we don’t go crazy.

  6. Great Message, i needed that! Still i struggle with video games (cuz i started them as a teen, now iam grown up – its a distraction but sometimes i need them to flee from the real satanic world instead of to flee into scripture, i knew that is wrong but i cant come upon this on myself for the moment) and also i started to drink beer on a daily bases…totaly a problem i cant overcome on my own. Iam a good person and always try to meet ppl in my life with totaly kindness and such a good way, always see the best and love my next more then myself (cuz i destroy myself with drinking and such things) … but this demonic world totaly hurts me and i cant stand it alone…i dont know if u can read me of this short lines but i struggle hard – i knew all kind of stuff from pizz4g8 to 4dr3nochrome and so on… so this stuff realy triggers me and i struggle… i wana do more (i should on a spiritual lvl but as a drunkn one who gets distracted with videogames its surley impossible) …

    i dont know why i tell u folks this but it hurts me, cuz in my mind i knew what i have to do… and still i cant overcome… i realy need prayers – it hurts me that i cant do it right in gods way!
    bless u all! i love u

  7. God is tired of doing for us. Everyone seems to be waiting on his return and that alone is not going to happen. God will not step foot in the physical world and leave his throne empty. The lord don’t move for no one and the son will not come because man in today’s world has gone even worse than it was when the son was crucified.
    We are in a world today when most people see Donald Trump as a savior? Lol. This is the kind of messiah the people back than wanted Jesus to be. A person that is bold and cruel. That’s why the son of god was killed. Because he didn’t meet the demands of the people.
    What if Jesus returned and was a man of color and claims he is the son of man. These trumpets would kill him again. Say what you will but you all know I am right.

  8. This is a great sermon, and the audio is done right. Not only a clear recording but also the background music is appropriate. The right style of music ad the right volume. Many similar YT videos do not get this right but this one does.

  9. Could you please give scripture where God cares more about my character than my achievements? I can see God refining my character, purifying me of one sin after another, but meanwhile thousands of people are perishing and Christians not being edified because I seem to have no effect in ministry. What worth is my knowledge, shining character and gifts if I can't use them effectively for God, or God won't use me?

  10. I am thankful for Yahweh, the Father and God and also of Yahweh's son Yahshua the Christ, our brother and savior. I pray to be godly and content. I lost almost EVERYthing. I was living nice. Is all this bad also Yah's plan?

  11. God does tell us His plans. He actually says in scripture that He will make known to us the plans He has for us.
    Scripture tells us everything in general for all mankind. Both, for the lost and the elect.
    But, scripture only tells this to the elect. The lost won't read it, much less understand it.
    Once we are born of God or born again.. Our minds eye is opened up to the scripture.
    We can now understand it completely. We are not only given a new heart that makes us desire the righteousness of God's word as spiritual sustenance. But, we also receive and continue in a renewing of our mind, so that we have the mind of Christ, to understand all scripture.
    This is important because as volitional creatures, We, before our conversion, could not know God's plans for us. Our will was bent on evil. We were dead in our transgressions, and therefore could not know God, and more so, did not want to know God.
    Why? Because we could not seek after righteousness, and that is exactly what God is.
    We could only chose sin, because we willed to sin, and could not chose righteousness because we were fallen.
    Remember here, that we died spiritually, in Adam. We were only carnal minded. So God, because He is Spirit, puts Him beyond our comprehension, and therefore we cannot will, what we do not comprehend. So we continue in sin, and wallowing in it. Remaining dead in our transgressions, or spiritually dead.
    Until we are called to election.
    Now by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are regenerated, now we are a living spirit, inside the flesh which has been crucified and buried with Christ. So when God looks at us, He does not see our sinful flesh. It has not been raised up in glory yet.
    He sees His Son's righteousness.
    The moment the Holy Spirit, regenerated our dead spirit back to life inside these vessels to get this whole process started, we were being transformed into the image of Christ.
    I like to explain regeneration is kinda like a dead car battery being jump started by a live car battery.
    Not a great analogy. But it will suffice.
    Listen, our sins are all paid by Jesus, taking our punishment, by becoming sin Himself, and God the Father poured out His righteous wrath on Him without measure. He says that He remembers our sins no more. He placed them as far behind Him as the east is from the west.
    We are spotless. We have put on Christ. This means that we are cloaked in the righteousness that Jesus imputed, or credited to us. Washed in the righteous blood of the sacrificial Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ.
    Now, we have God the Holy Spirit living on the inside. We are seated in the Heavenlies, in Christ Jesus right now. That's right. Right at the moment of conversion, not after we die and go to Heaven.
    This is now. We are seated in Him, and we know that He is seat at the right hand of the Majesty, God the Father in Heaven.
    So we are sandwiched in between the Holy Spirit, and Christ Jesus. Sealed is the better word, because the Holy Spirit is our Paraclete, our seal or promise of a resurrection.
    So with the Holy Spirit working within us, and prompting us to do the things God the Father has foreordained for us to walk in.
    That's right God the Holy Spirit is prompting us to do what has already been ordained by God as good works. He is sanctifying us, and conforming us into Christ's image
    But interstingly, we are now exercising our free will to do the things we desire to do. And that of course is the Sovereign will of the Father. The things He ordained for us to walk in, before the foundation of the world was ever in place.
    There are some folks that do not like this theology, because it leaves everything from the start to the finish, or maybe better said to our completion unto glory, by God's will and they do not get how I explained to you how we do exercise our free will.
    One of my favorite pastors is Andrew Farley. He holds back on this doctrine, and says we can all come to the cross, and be saved. That makes God out to be less than sovereign, and maybe better said, that He does not have total control over His creation.
    R.C. Sproul has a great message on this called the, "Maverick Molecule".. He better explains this than I do.
    Back to Andrew Farley. So when he states that salvation is for everyone. Even though he preaches the grace message that helped me to rest in Christ's finished work on the cross.
    He actually diminishes the grace, message by denying that it is all God from the get go.
    God called us and this is grace. Before we could seek God. He had already sealed us in Christ by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.. and then of course Christ's atonement for our sin. And then our resurrection from the dead.
    There are no maverick molecules in that.
    Anyhow back on track.
    I think it is Psalm 37 or 47 that says, "delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart".
    Well of course He will, because you now have a new heart, and the mind of Christ. So you only want righteousness which is the will of the Father also.
    Someone may say to you, "why do you continue to sin if you are all that I just wrote".
    You aren't sinning. Remember what Paul says about doing the things he does not wanna do, and not the things he should do. Oh what a wretch am I. Here it is…. never the less it is no long I that does these thing. It is sin that reigns in the flesh.
    You see Paul was crucified with Christ. He is no longer carnal or flesh. He is spirit.
    God is spirit and can only be worshipped in spirit. This is why a man has to be born of the Spirit. So that they can have a relationship with God.
    So there you go… That gives you a bit of information on God's Sovereignty in relation to how we can be volitional creatures and yet please God.
    I could go on and on here as this is my favorite stuff to talk about.
    Can I recommend R.C. Sproul Renewing Your Mind. Also John MacArthur Grace To You. There is also an app that I like to listen to in the car. It is called Verse by Verse Ministries. The pastor Steve Armstrong is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He will help you to grasp things that you have read before, but had no idea it was in the bible, in the sense that it was.
    I just finished Roman with the app and wow… now I am on Ephesians. is the last. He will say some things rhat will alarm you. Like no rapture. Well, he is clearly wrong. But he really has such a great way in explaining stuff, and by the way, it is a radio call in show. So I like hearing what people need answers to, and then I answer them in my head, and work it out.
    Here is an example. I follow the acrostic T.U.L.I.P.
    T is for total depravity. Andrew does not believe this. So this leaves us to chose for or against God. He is wrong.
    But, I try and work it out to see if there are other avenues it will allow me to go, without taking away from the basic truths in scripture.
    Like "L" which stands for limited atonement.
    So I know that if Jesus died for all of our sins, and I mean everybody for all time.
    Then how could they still be punished for their sins after they were once paid on Calvary, in Christ. Double jeopardy, right.
    So, Andrew is extremely smart, and I do believe he is answering his call to election, and duty.
    So, I reasoned that maybe He did pay for everyone's sin. So then, why would they still be punished? So, I reasoned that it was their unbelief. And the different measurements of punishment would be based on their unbelief, in retrospect to the knowledge they had be given.
    So I see a few problems with this.
    My first question would be, why turn everyone over to sin in the first place. Seems a complete waste of time if God is going to save everyone from His wrath.
    Now here is what made me go back to the "L" again.
    Where does grace come into play.
    I get that there is what is called common grace, and this is extended to everyone, even the likes of Hitler. An example is rain dropping on everyone's crops people saved or lost.
    What I see here is that God turned us all over to sin, so that He could show mercy to some, and in doing so, it brings glory to Him and those that remain in their sins will be punished for their sins and unbelief, which if unto death, it would be unpardonable.
    In punishing those that remain lost. God is again, bringing glory to Himself by displaying His righteous wrath.
    So these are examples for you to consider before you listen to Andrew, as He will have you very perplexed, and if you waver in your scripture knowledge. It could be enough to change your doctrine, and as far as the Sovereignty of God. I think that is as ugly as it could get.
    Anyhow, I hope that helps you to see that if you do not know God's plans for you. Then you need to reflect and take stock of what you do know about what He has in store for you, and also the body of Christ as a whole, and how do you fit into all of that
    One thing I noticed about God and there is probably an educated word we could use here. But, I am not very smart. So I will just illustrate it best I can. So, God not only sanctified us. He continues in it right on up to glorification. Like we have a new heart, a righteous heart. Yet we are being perfected.
    Our mind has been renewed. We have the mind of Christ. Yet our mind is being renewed each moment.
    I used to love sin, way back when I hated God. Now, today I love God, and not surprising, I hate sin.
    When I was under the law of the flesh. Even though I called myself a christian. I could not stop myself from sinning, and I loved it so much, that I would try justifying it. I would even blame God.
    Now under the law of the Spirit I no longer desire sin in any form, and I am repulsed by it in my own flesh, because that isn't me. I'm spirit. It's the flesh.
    For the few mins of pleasure in sin. The days of feeling really out of place are just not worth it.
    Even the battle for the mind goes away.
    I guess this is the peace He gives us.
    Anyhow love ya bros, as all the brethren do