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I am a missionary in the Philippines since 2007
we have 3 orphanages (34 kids) and we feed 1000 poor kids each month
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About The Author

Pastor Patrick Winfrey Pastor Patrick is a missionary in the Philippines since 2007. He has been a Pastor since 2001. He is also an author. The ministry has 3 orphanages and feeds 1000 street kids per week. There is also an online church: email Pastor Patrick for your prayer needs and if you would like to serve with us. Pastor Patrick will be in the USA for the next 6 months, bringing the revival fire to the country. The email below in the link. Pastor Patrick Winfrey

Comment (14)

  1. Had to tell you the video you did 2 nites ago towards the end where you prayed for people to receive the holy spirit i was praying with you for others to receive and the holy spirit was so strong i replayed it several times. I love when the Lord moves like that.

  2. I'm sorry what part of this message was about the rapture? Rapture in the Menorah? I was looking forward to hearing your message as I had an incident happen to me this evening with respect to a Menorah and found it interesting that I now see this video.

  3. God is a Genius…thank you God Bless you and your video ended on 1737/1737 Nice…I've been researching deep in the last 3yrs God has been showing me so much the puzzle fits perfectly from the rainbow, minorah mirror the numbers, the enemy copying..Seek and you shall find..wisdom and descernment .God is Good.. more confirmations

  4. The system of satan in my opinion:
    Order out of chaos. They will crash the worldeconomy.
    No more cash.
    Basic income for everybody.
    No more debts.
    A vaccine against corona and other viruses.
    With the vaccine they inject you with a chip ,
    then they can follow you , and do they need 5G.
    The chip or the vaccine will change your dna,
    then you are not human anymore. And you cannot enter heaven.
    Only one Way to escape this wicked world:

    We must be born again to be saved in this time as gentiles.
    We must repent and ask Jesus forgiveness for our sins. When your sins are forgiven Jesus baptizes you with the Holy Spirit without using water.
    Then the Holy Spirit in your heart do not let you sin anymore!
    Because you get His commandments in your heart and in your mind. Then you love God and your neighbors 100 %.
    You dont steel , lie and want to have something from others etc.
    Then you are really born again.
    Ask Jesus in your heart!

  5. The Book Of Revelation tells you all about the great story of the 7 candle stick meaning and the rise of the beast and everything you need to no about today and this world we was born in to. i have it on audio on my channel , i think the jesus story and Revelation storys is the most Amazing storys of all storys ever told.

    becouse it is pure and no lies , its a tale to be marveld at over and over better than any conspricy theoys tales or any orion belt system fallen ones tales of old mars wars , meldek ,life on mars ,reptiles who cares ,. we no a better story that conquers all. and is found within the box not looking on the out side in to a Galaxy that follows the beast system .

    even the beast who rises knows this story , for it was allready written there for he knows hes own downfall and is only a pawn in gods bigger plan .ye see the devil is harvesting souls right now he has no right to . god will make his harvest when we receive god conscious awareness of the great i am and ready. globally. the story of jesus is the best story in your life ,

    unfortunatly the devil is a pawn in this game and troubles a head , but fear not out the dark times will come the great awakening , when everybody realise the Revelation of the anti christ rising is true to word .. so will they realise the greater god awareness .and this is what rises out of the ash's

    you allready no this story of life in own heart . you realsie you new the great story all long allready , just needs awaking – who els has felt like this ,feels simler to deja vu when you no the great story of creation and those who corrupted us .

    hope i dint get to deep lol its hard not to when this is the most Amazing story ever told