Paul Begley | – " Kandahar Giants" LA Marzulli (Shocking Interview) – The Coming Apocalypse

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Comment (44)

  1. Seems the bottomless pit is beginning to creak open. The giant killed in Kandahar should give us a lot of information. If this was the 1800's a traveling circus would have bought the body and had it under glass and you could see it for a nickel. Now…..the government will never admit anything. You will never see or hear about this giant again.

  2. What scares me about a great war in the Middle-east is that we (THE USA) appears not to be involved. Do you think someone could invade Israel today and we would not be there to help. So……in the prophecies we do not seem to  be named.

  3. Adding further more,it does matter because our people have suffered through over not following our rules.when LA says it ,I believe he’s aimed it at me and others because I emailed him directly and he denied what I said to him in my email ,and when he said it ,just watch his head and eyes directly come forward because he got his point across again but I’m still not having it.and you know yourself inside and doing research myself where my farthers tracks lead too as I’ve had me right back through Africa to Israel and just pointing out that definitely the people who are in that land are not the indigenous peoples of that land and I’m positive that they are not.they have checked blood of those people there now and have no connection whatsoever.check this all out what I say because it’s all on utube .the truth be told Yahweh will return I assure anybody that .i believe in the bible and since I turned to the light I see I smell and I hear and it’s happening.

  4. People cannot fool our farther ,the farther knows everything,he will ever be deceived again like before,for he as learned a great lesson that not to trust anybody and anyone and thy will be eternal for he is the bringer of light to see him drive the dark away forever and eternity once and for all.

  5. It's the treacherous treason traitors the demoncRats that are destroying the decent moral fibers of our country. They are worshippers of filth and everything evil. Just like the satanic devil worshippers they are. They no longer believe in the one and only God. They are disconnected reprobates by choice. And eternal hell awaits them. Many decent upright people have left and pulled away from them all together! Thank God!

  6. A lance and a shield? So supposedly this giant thing (hard to miss) hybrid uses an archaic lance and shield? Oh the bit where Bob loses it when his poor friend gets impaled! So they bring this twelve foot giant with flaming red hair back to a naval base? Which one? Naval bases house thousands of people. So what happened to the giant? What happened to all the witnesses? Charleston’s! Absolutely despicable!

  7. People, you are being deceived. Matthew 25(one of Quayles favorite chapters) is NOT referring to giants or fallen angels. The reference to "as in the days of Noah" is pointing out the fact that, just as in the days of Noah, people will carry on marrying and drinking and sinning, so that Judgement Day will catch them completely off guard, just as the Flood surprised the people in Noah's day! Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and L.A. Marzulli have found a marketing niche in the giants. They are scamming you! Turn to Scripture, pray for understanding and use sound judgement! Understanding of Scripture is NOT difficult, nor would God want it to be! He's made it simple because MOST of us are NOT "learned scholars".

  8. I take no afend, I'm chatlic, and proud in jesus christ amen, and I as many others are wide awake lol. Thank god amen, this our the so called last one, I want to get sick evil pricks, they will be sorted in jesus amen. God bless us world wide, true the holy blood of jesus christ, protect us presious jesus christ for always thank you xxx

  9. Where are they the real Jews? Well LA, the bible tells us they are scattered to the four corners. And DNA now proves that, so thanks for being dismissive on that subject. Its not a strongman argument its bible truth…

  10. They talked about somebody putting together a peace treaty with Israel and Manny.

    That was prior to President Trump facilitating that exact thing. Now the United Arab Emirates is normalizing relations with Israel along with Bahrain with more to come. Once all biblically required countries are on board, it becomes possible for Ezekiel 38.
    And what if this deal of the century is the actual peace Covenant that will be confirmed by the Antichrist thus beginning the 7 year tribulation?

    that's pretty much where they're going with this I think.