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Paul Begley Pastor Paul Begley is a pastor from Indiana that gives you current events and how they relate to the Bible We always offer a call to salvation and Jesus is adding to the church daily. We offer free Bibles to new converts! We send free anointed prayer cloths, prayer blankets and chemo caps to those who need a healing. If you feel led to help with the postage or the broadcasting costs you can donate at: Coming Apocalypse air live Mon - Fri 12p - 2pm ET And Sunday night Live 7p - 10pm ET Coming Apocalypse airs on Direct TV 367 Fri 11:30pm ET Like my fb @ Follow me on Twitter pastorbegley Follow me on Periscope Pastorbegley Current News Updates, Facts and Fair Comments, Religions, Politics, Opinions, Humor, Freedom, Bible Prophecy, Bible Studies and more Paul Begley

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  1. The cyborgs without the God Mind are coming! This happens if you take the vaccine! I will never take a vaccine! It will change our God given DNA! This is what some are saying! I ordered Tim’s book! Very interesting guest who is very knowledgeable!

  2. Hosea 1:10-11 Its interesting that from where is was ye are not ye are the sons of God for great is the day of Jezreel = Armageddon Some feel this day is the marriage feast of the Lamb that blessed they that come to this day. Daniel 12:12 , Rev 19:9 , Rev 19:17

  3. I just ordered this book and can’t wait to read it. I’m a huge fan of apocryphal literature and understanding Jesus from a multi-religious standpoint. I appreciate authors that challenge the biblical narrative and everything I have heard about this book proves it won’t be “meh” like the Left Behind series or similar books.