R.C. Sproul | – What is the gospel? – R.C. Sproul and Sinclair Ferguson

The gospel is not about meaning, peace, or God’s plan for your life. It’s about Jesus. From Ligonier’s 2015 National Conference, R.C. Sproul and Sinclair Ferguson discuss how the New Testament defines the gospel message. Ask your biblical and theological questions live online at [support us]


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  1. I was truly praying about this as it is hard to get a straight answer from most people I talk to.  I heard also, First Corinthians 1-  half of 4.  Where there is a comma, they say….period, plus nothing, …..at which point, I totally notice a comma, not a period.  It also states in the first two verses, Paul says the gospel, which I preached, ( notice the past tense verbs), which you also received, in which you also stand.   To me, this means he spent the previous 14 chapters telling you very important things.   Chapter 15 is actually him proving the resurrection as the first importance….not all of it, plus nothing.  Other thoughts about this????  God bless all, have an amazingly blessed day 😉

  2. ALSO its a grace you CANNOT presume to add anything TO, the only thing you CAN do, is accept and receive His Justification as your own so you can boldly approach the throne of God, which allows ALL the benefits of God Blessings available.

  3. 1 Corinthians 15:6 Then he appeared to over 500 brothers at one time; most of whom are still alive though some have fallen asleep" written to a Greek church that had some doubters in the resurrection. That's an ancient document within 15 years of the event. Most of the witnesses were still alive then.

  4. Colossians 1:27, 'Christ in you, The Hope of Glory"..now That's Good News ! The Victorious Revelation of God in Power having become one's own Identity before our Heavenly Father , forever; for 'those who My Father gives Me I shall by no means turn away"…(ref Ephesians 2:4-7). ,,for you have died and your Identity is hidden in Christ. Christ in you, you in Him..so that they might all be One as 'We are One'…(Genesis 1:27 yet to be fulfilled until the end of the age as we are 'being conformed to the Image of His Son' .and 1 John, what we will be we do not yet know, but we will be like Him).

  5. The Gospel is the Proclamation? No, it's actually the Word itself. Preachers put themselves at the center, like dentists and plumbers do. But the Word comes to whoever God sends it, and often it may just be reading the Word.

  6. The Gospel is a juridical question and thus it must be preached to men. That said, the true Gospel, then consists in presenting these legal elements correctly combined, in two legal news THE FIRST and Bad New is
    1º) Man is totally condemned: – for the sins he commits daily, that is, by what it DOES – and also by having a bad nature, that is, by what it IS.
    2º) On the other hand, Man has God in front of him, who is a Holy and Perfectly Just Judge, therefore:
    – a) God must apply His Justice on the sins of man, and – b) must also discharge The Wrath, that is, the punishment that produces the sins of man… Then, with all this, Man, before God, has a serious problem: The eternal Judgment, justice and Wrath of God, are upon him. How to be saved from this situation of doom? Sins demand Justice:
    – ** if Justice falls on the Sinner, when God takes his life, then he is lost, but – ** if Justice falls on Another, there is hope of salvation, while the sinner does not die. THE SECOND and Good New, is precisely that Justice fell upon another being:
    1.-) On the cross, the Father, discharged the eternal Wrath on his Son to satisfy his eternal Justice. Righteousness and Wrath that one deserves to receive in eternal damnation.
    2.-) Then, when the Father punishes and kills his Son instead of the sinner, in this way: – a) * Divine JUSTICE against man is cancelled and – b) * The WRATH of God on man is withdrawn.
    3.-) The Resurrection of Jesus is the evidence that Jesus never sinned and God accepted this perfect sacrifice, in favor of sinful Man.
    In Conclusion of these two news, God sends to every man two conditions:
    1) Repent of the Bad News, that is, to recognize and forsake their sins and recognize their true evil nature…
    2) Believe and Trust in the work of Justice done on the Cross, That is the Good News. * When man: – repents of his sins (first condition) and puts his Faith in Justice fallen on the Cross, (second condition) then, God declares it: – fully forgiven and fully reconciled with God. Therefore, now yes, man can enter into the Glory of God.

  7. What’s good everybody. I just wanted to give a short and straight to the point version of the gospel:

    In the beginning God created everything, and He saw that it was good, for He is the very Source of goodness. He created humans with free will, but unfortunately, we gave into temptation to sin. We as human beings have something called a sinful nature, which means we find pleasure in doing things that are disobedient to God. And getting into Heaven isn’t about if you’re a good or bad person, but it’s whether if you have sincerely believed in Jesus asked Him to cleanse you from your sins or not. The harsh truth is we deserve eternal punishment in hell for our disobedience towards God, but Jesus (God in human form) lived a perfect and sinless life, died on the cross to pay the payment we owe God, and was resurrected three days after death into Heaven. You can’t be cleansed by your own works (helping out homeless, etc), it’s good to be a good person, but it doesn’t save you from hell. There is no other way into Heaven than by asking Jesus to save you and for mercy and forgiveness. Only by Jesus Christ may you be forgiven and saved for eternity! God can give you a pure heart that you will forever be thankful for. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and repent (to change and turn away from sin), and to transform you and give you a relationship with Him. Just imagine having a personal relationship with the God of the universe. This is an offer that shouldn’t be resisted, we don’t deserve His forgiveness, but He extends it out to us, and He wants to be reconciled with you personally!! Much love ❤️