Randy Frazee | – Mile Marker 4 Romans Road | What is My New Purpose | Part 5 Unity Triumphs | 4-5-20 | Randy Frazee

“Dear Lord, your word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. We take this journey
together, down the Romans Road, knowing the destination is You. In Jesus Name, Amen”
• In Essentials, Unity
• In non-Essentials, Liberty
• In all things, Charity Augustine, 4th Century Christian Philosopher
In non-essentials, Liberty
We need to accept each other without passing judgment on disputable matters. (14:1-3)
The weak = legalist who judges the strong
The strong = liberal who looks down on the weak
• We are not the judge, God is. (14:4, 10-12)
• God accepts us both and offers us grace on the journey, so should we (14:3)
• Christ died for both. (14:15)
In Essentials, Unity
Mile-Marker 1 – Where Do I Stand with God?
• I do not have a right relationship with God because of sin
• I must repent – do a U-turn, acknowledge my sin with the intent of following God
Mile-Marker 2 – How do I become a Christian?
• I must place my faith in Jesus
Mile-Marker 3 – How do I grow?
• My grand goal is to become like Jesus
• I can only do this as I yield to the Spirit of God within me
Mile-Marker 4 – What is my new purpose?
• Remove myself as the CEO of my life and place God at the center, guiding self and then
your [support us] /> • Concentric Circles – God, Self, Relationships

Going Deeper
1. How has the Corona Virus pandemic reinforced that we are ultimately not in control?
2. How can this reality work to mature us in our faith?
3. Can you think of things over the years you have changed your position on?
4. Which of the four mile-markers do you need the most at this time in your life?
5. If the church is unified how might this help us triumph over the Corona Virus pandemic?

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