Robert Barron | – Terror on Every Side — Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon

Friends, the work of the Church depends on the collaboration of every believer, all of us working together. Scandals have led to suspicion—but this is a great tragedy. Instead, we must learn how to reach out to one another with special care and consideration.

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About The Author

Bishop Robert Barron These are brief and insightful commentaries on faith and culture by Catholic theologian and author Bishop Robert Barron. The videos complement his weekly sermons posted and podcasted at

Comment (47)

  1. Excellent homily on The Prophet Jeremiah,s call to preach the Word, your Lordship /your Grace, I have been greatly blessed and benefitted by this sermon, Glory be to the Lord. Richard D'Cruz, Malaysia.

  2. I'm sorry if this is off topic but how come there haven't been any Sunday masses at his excellency's chapel? My family and I have been really enjoying the Sunday masses celebrated by the bishop ever since the lockdown. For some reason, there haven't been any Sunday masses since Pentecost. Has the bishop decided not to broadcast any more masses? Greetings and much love from the Philippines.

  3. Why can't other Priests help use to Consume the Word by explaining the Word of God to us in Mass. Expressly the Old Testament, it is some time hard to understand.and elate to and how they are tied together with the other readings.

  4. On many walks with my dog, Sarah, I prayed for evangelists to speak forth. Then, during Covid-19, I started to listen to you, Bishop Barron, in many of your talks and homilies. Suddenly, I realized that you were an evangelist. And… was I being called to be an evangelist? Me? When I shared this idea with my spiritual director (after telling many stories of the past weeks), he said that what I had done in two situations was the work of evangelism. He recommended that I continue to reach out. Jeremiah was doing just that–for the love of God. Thanks, Bishop Barron.

  5. A person who has a personal relationship with Christ will find him or herself in the "Jeremiah 20:9" situation. You've fallen in love with Christ and there's no other recourse but to proclaim the good news. But ideally, the quote "Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words” (controversially attributed to St. Francis) is the most effective. When people can see Christ in your actions, in your eyes, in the way you beam and emanate love, people will be more receptive to that rather than "preaching" with just words. That's my personal challenge as a Christian.

  6. Thank you for all of your wonderful homilies and lectures. I listen to you almost every morning. You inspire me and motivate me to get out of my "comfort zone" and speak out against racism and the injustices of the world today. I look forward to your talks. Thank you again. Bless you.

  7. To Atheists: There is life after death and evidence of the Supernatural as there are spirits in this world-documented by a lot of people and by ghost hunters. Also, Colton Burpo has a genuine intense testimony of going to Heaven; as well as, Ben Breedlove. I am here to boldly testify and witness. 'One For Israel Ministry' has many testimonies of Jews and others intensely meeting Jesus Christ. Rabbi Kirt Schneider a great Messianic Rabbi has a great testimony of meeting Jesus Christ. Thank you. God bless everybody here.

  8. Bishop Barron, What is the food that carries other Christians through this earthly journey, they do not have the Eucharist? There are many other Christians, other than Catholics, who are very faithful Christians with no Eucharist for nourishment. Thank you.

  9. YES!!!!!! Amen amen amen. I am a disciple as Stephen the first martyr of the church. I am young and go on Jewish channel Synagogues with older above 50-60 aged Rabbi's and boldly preach, witnessing and testifying of Jesus Christ-I am hatefully attacked mentally, emotionally, and spiritually very negatively. Jesus Christ is alive on the right hand/side of God/HaShem in Heaven. He is Life and the only hope for the world to be saved. Any help on Tovia Singer's YouTube channel videos testifying of Jesus Christ is greatly appreciated. Jesus Christ is The Messiah of The Jews and The Gentiles; The Messiah of the whole world i boldly confess with HaShem's/God's Spirit of Consuming Fire inside of me. May Jesus bless you.

  10. This is the truth. Around 5 years ago I was confirmed into the Catholic church. In the year prior to going to RCIA I studied the Catholic church through the internet. I had a few "good friends" at that time before RCIA. I attempted to share all that I learned with my "good friends". They all turned from me. They acted interested as I was telling them, but not one of them agreed and believed, at least not yet. I pray one day they will. Still every friend of mine disappeared. One by one they were gone. They stopped calling and stopped coming around.

  11. As always, Bishop Barron satisfies my hunger for the truth in God’s holy Word. It’s not always what I want to hear but what I need to hear. Thank you Bishop Barron and God bless your wonderful ministry.

  12. Dear Bishop, would you please lead us laity and speak out very strongly against the toppling of icons of St Junipero Serra and the impending iconoclasm which we fear would beset the church. We need a Jeremiah, one like you who has significant clout in and outside the church, for our times fully fraught with such awful terror against out dear fairh

  13. Thank you Bishop Barron for reminding us of our duties as Catholics to do the things that are in our power to do. Pray for us that we all join voices with you to speak of truth and beauty and also pray that we as laity, don't leave our religous standing alone and bereft of support and love.

  14. Thank you Bishop Barron for being brave enough to face down the naysayers of Reddit, FB and the like. Thank you for being a channel of God's peace. Sometimes being a Catholic can feel very lonely.

  15. Bishop Barron I so appreciate your sermons. I am so interested in learning the Bible. I’m 73 years old and your sermons are so clear and informative, I am so happy to really understand the readings, you connect the readings from centuries ago to today’s things that are happening . Please continue your sermons and encourage other priests in parishes to do the same.

  16. When I was still a Biology Major, I wrote my first exegesis paper on this passage. I chose it, because it spoke to me personally: lamenting the lack of knowledge of the truth in the world around me and burning with zeal for God and for bringing His saving truth to others despite whatever ridicule may come, precisely for the sake of those who ridicule. Shortly thereafter, I changed my major to Theology. Now I'm finishing my third graduate degree in Theology: the Doctorate of Sacred Theology in Systematic Theology. Praise be to God!

  17. That’s a tough message both exciting and terrifying as even talking about Jesus will cost you friends but like you say Bishop I just can’t keep my mouth shut when it comes to him and if my friends turn away I will be sad but will Never surrender my faith……. I hope