Robert Barron | – This Isn’t the Sentimental Christmas Story You’ve Heard…

How many Christmas cards and nativity scenes have you seen presenting the baby Jesus as soft and saccharine? Well, that’s not how the Bible describes him. There, Jesus is presented as a warrior king, who came with a heavenly army to battle against the dark powers of the world.

Watch this video to discover the real meaning of Christmas, and the extraordinary infant king at its center.

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  1. We're not afraid of your cross because our God has conquered it! Brilliant. We so easily miss the power of the Gospel message because we're so far removed from things like public executions. I love how Bishop Barron constantly reminds us of the power and the majesty of Jesus and his Father.

  2. Rev 12:2 has already told us it's not a sentimental Christmas but Jesus was born in a battlefield. But Christians instead chose to look the other way and focuses solely on the peaceful and serene Nativity scene instead. Why ?

  3. This excellent video might be 12 years old but it is new for me. Formidable in every sense of the word. I loved and gained insight from so much of it, but I am dearly grateful for the explanation of the gospel greetings. Who knew what those words meant in those times. How can I ever read the Bible anymore without having you there to elaborate and put those words in their right context? I want more!!!

  4. If Christ, through His OVERWHELMING VICTORY, would have torn down the strongholds of the devil that keep men from finding God, provided all of our needs according to his riches in Glory, fully equipped us with all we need to do His Father's will AND kept us from falling, this whole controversy would have been long settled and behind us centuries ago! Where is the EVIDENCE of the authority believers are supposed to have over ALL the power of the enemy? If that authority was so available, ISLAM wouldn't even exist! And that is just one example. All I see a christianization of the masses; only a form of godliness but not a TRUE, LIVING, EMPOWERED body of born again individuals full of His HOLY FIRE and a clear vision of His CAUSE of setting this captive planet free from the power of His enemies!

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    Some notes on your Arch of Titus story…The Romans did not intend to eradicate Judaism, but the sectarian and Sicarii violence in the area that continuously erupted…., the civil war had internal killing among the Jews and it was impossible to keep the empire from being breached from the East, from the horrible losses with the Parthians. History tells us that the important rabbi and sage Yohanan ben Zakkai saw the futility of this war when even the food supplies were cut by the Jews…He beseeched the Roman general Vespasian to save Judaism as he knew the temple and its ritual sacrifices were doomed in the conflagration. Vespasian agreed and to help make Yavne the new center, thereby replacing animal sacrifice with prayer and freeing Judaism from its radical components. This ironically assisted the great age of Talmud and scholarship, but fanatics continued in the Kitos War which waged all out war against Gentiles and the Bar Kochba revolt of 132 CE

  6. Thank you Bishop Barron for putting this on Youtube. May you please put more excerpts from your Catholicism series, especially the one where you explain about the creation of the universe and the existence of God. I want to share it with someone what has left the Church completely.

  7. We can't thank you enough Bishop. Thanks be to God for being our great omnipotent loving God who is all powerful and faithful and loving Who deserves all worship and service and love from us! Praise our God who is on our side! I fear no more.

  8. Awesome, rich, deep and edifying. Bishop you always give a new and rich perspective that is enriching to the Word of God. No wonder your apostolate is called Word on Fire and your certainly set our souls on fire with your rich exhortation. Keep it blazing

  9. Not only a comprehensive look at and narrative of our Christian beginnings but the richness and beauty of how it was filmed is just so inspiring! Tears came to my eyes when I saw Bishop Barron kneel and pray at the very place where Jesus was born. And when he entered the Church of the Holy Sepulcher through that little door which opened into a vast expanse of a great church I was again amazed. To see HIM in those holy places made the most holy places even more REAL. I know I will never go to those places so having watched the video I am satisfied that I have seen them. And I will save this video to watch again and to share with family and friends.