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Saddleback Church Worship, Christy Nockels performs “Waiting Here For You” during February 17, 2013 service. Christy Nockels website: [support us]

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  1. Its funny, but almost every church has a different culture, yet we worship the same Lord.  I sing on the praise team at my church, which is Christian Reformed denomination. They seem to think it is disrespectful to make even a peep when we have a good performance. They seem to feel that clapping and getting excited during worship praises man and not God.   I have been to many different denominations and every one of them seems to have a different take on hand clapping, showing emotions, public worship.  Personally I feel it is frustrating, because we work very hard to bring an enjoyable experience of worship to our congregation, and applause helps to facilitate that.  I am deeply excited about my salvation through Jesus our Christ and I feel fortunate that I get to minister to my congregation through song, and I clap and lift my hands even if they are not comfortable doing so.

  2. Sad to see some of these negative comments from my brothers and sisters in Christ    I attend Saddleback  every crowd is different    we have many services many venues   we all worship different   This is a beautiful song  She was amazing I saw her perform this song this particular weekend  although not this service  I worship with my hands high singing with all my heart but not everyone does and it does not mean they arent worshipping   The Spirit is alive and well in this church all the time   …let us model our Jesus 

  3. It's sad to see how we still judge others for how people worship, hands up or not, excited or not. Wake up, people! Have you ever noticed that the scriptures do not make a big deal about how Jesus sang songs or worshiped? His acts towards God's will were the big deal! The way he conducted his life was the big deal!

  4. I'm a Catholic and I love this song.  The crowd looks a bit stiff, but at the same time "there's a time and place for everything."  We go to church to worship God, and give him thanks and praise, pray for the need of our families and community, and be strengthened for His service.  Mass/Service isn't a rock concert. 

  5. Regarding all of the comments about the audience.  Was this a service or a concert?  If it was a concert, that would explain the audience reaction.  Some of the bigger churches have Christian concerts.  We've had Lincoln Brewster, Sela, and Mandisa at our church for concerts and it's significantly smaller than Saddleback. 

  6. I don't want to be negative so perhaps this song was "performed" with the purpose of recording. Perhaps the service hadn't been filled with Gods presence yet. Perhaps the people simply didn't come with that expectation. I don't really know since I wasn't there. However the Bible has many accounts of how His people would praise him. With harp, cymbals, singers and that all the people fell to their knees and worshipped. You have to have a strong conviction and anointing from the Spirit for that ambiance. Though it seemed to be lacking in this video I won't judge them or the church but it did not seem to be occurring during that song recorded.

  7. Verse 1:
    If faith can move the mountains
    Let the Mountains move
    We come with expectation
    We're waiting here for You
    I'm Waiting here for You
    You're the Lord of all creation
    And still You know my heart
    The Author of salvation
    You've Loved me from the start
    Waiting here for you
    With our hands lifted high in praise
    And it's You we adore
    Singing Hallelujah
    Verse 3:
    You are everything You promised
    Your faithfulness is true
    And we're Desperate for Your presence
    All we need is You
    Waiting here for you
    With our hands lifted high in praise
    And it's You we adore
    Singing Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    We're singing, Hallelujah
    We're singing, Hallelujah
    Chorus repeats until the end

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  8. It's the heart that must be worshipping God and that what counts. But for sure when you begin to worship, what's inside your heart will show.. The song is great. The message is amazing and perfect for adoring God but sad to see that they maybe kinda not really showing it. Maybe they are a bit shy? But .. Adoring, worshipping, praising Jesus can't just kept inside. It's a great feeling to worship God raising your hands, your voice, your all, your heart to him because He deserves it.

  9. When did 'jesus' become someone's 'boyfriend'? This is the Christ, the Creator, and the Gospel of repentance and life has been emasculated and made into silly emotional 'personal jesus' nonsense bearing no resemblance to the Christ of Whom John the Baptist preached. It's embarrassing. Regarding the singer: she is a talent and I would love to hear her sing some hymns, sans the silly theatrics. No wonder people bow to Islam; there is no Christian foundation from which to pull. This 'I'm having my morning coffee with jesus" thing is getting old and hopefully, has run its course and orthodoxy will make a comeback. Our nation needs it desperately. It is hard to picture the founding fathers who established this free land speaking and singing in such irreverent manners.

  10. I was only introduced to this at worship practice on Friday.  I will be singing this on Sunday morning towards the end of the service when a time of pray ministry will be taking place.  May the Holy Spirit lead.

  11. i discovered it on christian retreat. It was the first song, and on the train journey to the retreat the holy spirir came on me and I was loosed from severe continuous religious ocd (scrupulosity). And was singing songs and hymns all the way there. The rest of the time was just enjoying the freedom mostly, with tears of joy flowing down my cheeks. This song being the first at the retreat is my favourite song of all. The melody and arrangement are awesome. I didn't like the extra bits on the end she put, and the singing prayers inbetween verse lines. Alot of worship leaders do t. Keeping it simple is best, but she is still the main singer for this song. And it's best song by a female singer.

  12. We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth;

    4 So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure: