The Bible Project | – Overview: Philippians

Watch our overview video on the book of Philippians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Phillippians, Paul thanks the Philippian Christians for their generosity and shares how they are all called to imitate Jesus’ self-giving love.

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  1. Anyone here lockdown due to Covid 19 ?

    No worry…
    Paul being lockup in prison and share Gospel in prison.
    as a Child of God we won't feel so alone because with Heavenly Father is indeed with us.
    He won't forsake us.
    Thank you Heavenly Father to protect your children from Covid 19,
    it may seems bad but actually good ,
    is a useful situation to share Gospel to comfort to those who has lost their way back to heaven realm.

    Peace & God blessed you Brother/Sister in Christ…

  2. "'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the veiwer based solely on the information provided in this virtual application.""'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the veiwer based solely on the information provided in this video.

  3. He also showed how he came to believe in Jesus despite the fact that as a Jew, who was sold out to glory in a legalistic life as a pharisee, rich, expounding his proud heritage as a bonafide Hebrew, tracing his lineage even to Benjamin, despite which he willing and joyfully counted all he had been holding on to, even his wealth he wasn't willing to sell and give to the poor ,Luke 18-18-22, in exchange for the calling Je made on his life. Now they mean nothing but have become like dung, just for him to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He shows was real wealth is, not the amassed wealth, but the riches untold through faith by grace in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He was no longer the young lawyer, who began to persecute Jesus Christ because He wouldn't validate his claim as a law abiding pharisee, who only was waiting for the reward of eternal life for his obedience to the laws. He went on to make sure to unmask Jesus as an impostor, up till colluding with others to make sure He died a cursed death- by crucifixion. He now becomes a champion for His cause. Chapter 3.

  4. Bro. Ur all doing an amazing work here..Each of the Bible Project work u al do is exemplary. …It clearly depicts Gods hand and HolySpirit Guidance in all that u do…the Video sets the correct plinth prior to reading the chapters….The drawings and the way its portrayed cant be said better…its a blessing…God bless

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  6. Philippians is a book that's always been a favourite. I've been going through tough times lately after the death of a friend through grief and self-doubt. This book reminds me that I need to commit it to God as I have been trying to do it myself.