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God invites Israel to live in close proximity to His holy presence. Which seems awesome, but it’s actually dangerous. This book explores how the sacrificial rituals and purity practices cleared the way for morally corrupt Israelites to become God’s covenant partners.

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  2. Ok, I am praying the belief s that can be simplified and updated ARE- for example, who is going to translate a time before running water with a culture that had running water and now wastes it- WHO? In addition, I am praying it’s efficient and effective, such as culturally water scarce people are at different times of understanding, than water trained people who need a means to share the value- God knows .

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  4. I always skipped Leviticus, but while reading a bible devotional yesterday, I came across a passage from Leviticus and thought about going back to reading this one book that I never chose to read. The reading is a bit difficult ,as you see loads of instructions which reappear in a slightly different way after every few chapters .This confused me very much. Instantly what came to my mind was to visit your channel as I was sure that BibleProject would have already made a video ,constructively summarizing Leviticus as a whole. A BIG THANK YOU !

  5. The goat that is sent to the desert actually represents the enemy at the end of time, when he and his fallen angels, during the millenium, are imprisoned in the abyss (uninhabited earth) for 1000 years bearing the guilt for all they made God's people do.

  6. The animals are not actual animals, it is the humans sign, for example I am a capricorn with is a goat. They then are to be cleansed spiritually, everyone has their own way for that, I have mine on my Instagram. All free, check it out

  7. Now let's tell you a story about a man named Jesus:

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  8. This was great! I have a question though, in Leviticus 12:6 it says when the days of her purification for a son or daughter are over, she is to bring to the priest at the entrance to the tent of meeting a year-old lamb for a burn offering and a young pigeon or a dove for a sin offering. My question is: why must a sin offering be given?

  9. I found this video to help me understand the Leviticus a bit more. I also got a better understanding of the bible and god itself. I also learned that the way the animals died during the sacrifices where for a reason and not just because they wanted to kill them.